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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Family Values

Cut to the locker room where Corinna marches in, grabs her son by the arm, and drags him into Coach Taylor's office. She slams the door and demands that the Coach tell her what is going on. She pulls the bag out of her purse and wags it in Coach's face. She spits fire, "And I thought you were a Christian man, Coach Taylor, but you're messin' with my son's life to win football games?" Smash tries to protest, but she continues, declaring that "these kids, they're stupid. They think they're invincible, I see it every day at the clinic. But Coach Taylor, you supposed to know better." Taylor has let her get all this out before he slowly and gently tells her that he can promise her that he doesn't know anything about this. Smash Momma's face drops subtly as she realizes that this was not as neatly top-down a situation as she at first thought. She asks her son if he has anything to say. "No, ma'am."

Uninspiring credits. At the Garrity's, it's KFC night. Yawn. Call me when it's Arby's night. As someone in the forums mentioned, it is refreshing to see a teenaged female character chowing down on some fried chicken, and I truly don't mean that in a Voyeur Web sort of way. Buddy is smacking and hawing and tells his family that they won't believe who came by the dealership that day. Lyla's twenty-eight-year-old mom asks who, and Buddy tells them it was Ed Johnston. Small talk ensues about the Johnston family, and Ed driving all the way from Dallas to buy a car. Lyla licks delicious chicken grease off her fingers and hopes that her father gave him a good deal. Buddy says that of course he did. "I give everyone a good deal." We shall see about that, fat man. Small talk continues, this time turning to Ed's son Ty, who is a freshman at SMU (where they produce blonde Brooks Brothers robots, I've heard) working on a psychology project on, as Buddy describes it, "cheerleaders and football, boys and girls, some kind of weird psychological deal." Heh. If I closed my eyes and replaced a few of the nouns, I'd swear that was my dad trying to describe my dissertation. Slick Buddy continues, as Lyla remains somewhat unaware, saying that he suggested Ty talk to Lyla since she knows about cheerleading, and then that "I told him you could meet with him Thursday at one, at that new Oriental place." Lyla snaps her eyes a bit and immediately looks at her mom as if to say "Are you aware your husband is a pimp?" but her mom just looks at her blankly and says she's heard the restaurant is really good. A quick word to Ty, though, with that ridiculous psychology paper: Dude, it's called a women's studies class. Enroll in one. You'll get the play you are so clearly aiming for.

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