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At the Taylors', Coach complains and sips whisky in his boxer shorts. I believe this was part of my dream last night, right after the bunnies wearing berets and right before Tim Riggins rode by on a white unicorn. He wants to know why they have to go to the Rodells. His hair is wet from the shower and its commentary is rather muffled. Coach leans back on the bed as Tami rushes around in a halter dress with her bra slashing right across the dress's open back. She pleads with her husband not to lay down, and then calls his attention two feet down the bed to where she's laid out all his ties and clothes. She grabs a tie and hooks it around his neck, tells him she doesn't know why they got invited to the Rodells, and then wonders what her husband is going to do about the Smash situation. Coach lets out a huge sigh and goes over his options. If he reports him -- "and I'm obliged to report him" -- Smash won't ever play football again. Tami: "Yup." But if Coach doesn't report him....he trails off. He concludes that he can't let Smash play "juiced," but he hasn't decided about reporting him.

Cut to the Alamo Freeze where the lighting is rather disco this evening. Tyra sits in a booth with her mom and Ole Sis, ragging on Tim trying to make up with her the other night: "So then he's like 'I'm sorry Tyra. I miss you'" Tyra's "Tim" voice is hilarious. Ole Sis weighs in on the issue in the classy manner we've come to expect from her: "Whatever. I'm sure there's a certain throbbing member of his body that misses you." Medicated Mom tells the girls to "stop it," not to advise them to stop being so gross but in order to say that Tyra should get back together with Tim because he's so cute. Tyra and Ole Sis exchange WTF glances as their mom slurs, "You can't argue that. He's very cute that kid." The camera pans over to Tim in a booth across the way, and, well, at least Bob hasn't smacked this lady's "hot or not" controls out of whack yet.

It's all fun and games, though, until we try to dry mom out and find her a job. Tyra reads a classified listing for a reception at Garrity's Good Deals, and Ole Sis reminds Tyra that their mom doesn't type fifty words a minute, "dumb ass." Tyra asks Ole Sis to stop criticizing and try to help out a bit more. Ole Sis reminds Tyra that she brings home half the rent every month and then says that she doesn't see much Applebee's money coming from Tyra, who suggests that perhaps a girl doesn't make as much money in tips when she leaves her clothes on. I don't know what kind of boring-ass Applebee's Tyra works in.

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