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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Family Values

We leave the ladies of the night to join Jason and Lyla. Jason is in mid-interrogation regarding the John her dad has set her up with. Lyla is all Zen about it, while Jason is freaking out. He tells her that "it's annoying" that her dad has set her up on a date and that she does whatever he tells her to. Jason clearly is unfamiliar with the Pimps and Hos code. You do what your man tells you, is the foundation of that code. Lyla insists that it isn't a date and tells Jason that she won't go if he doesn't want her to. Jason can't take it that far and tells her that it's all right. The settle into an awkward silence until a table of girls calls over to Lyla to say hi. She goes over to say hi. Her very cute tunic top is a little too for Dillon, I think. When Tyra sees Lyla get up to leave, she hoofs it out of her booth to go talk to Jason.

Tyra wants to know why Jason is with Lyla, "after what she did to you." Jason says he loves her, and Tyra smarms that "it seems like you can get away with anything when you're Lyla Garrity" just as Lyla comes back to the table. The girls deliver their friendly greetings with a side of arsenic, Lyla "sweetly" asking to get her seat back, Tyra agreeing, getting up and making herself an obstacle for Lyla sitting back down and then promptly grabbing a seat to sit down across from them. The timing of that little maneuver was perfect. Tyra asks Lyla about the position available at her dad's dealership. Lyla stonewalls her, saying she doesn't know anything about it, but that she's not sure Tyra's what her dad's looking for. Tyra takes it in stride and clarifies that she's inquiring for her mom, and the camera follows Lyla's gaze across the restaurant where Tyra's mom basically has cole slaw dripping out of her mouth and dead, dead eyes. Sheesh, show, consider your public service announcement about women who try to hold onto their hot youth for too long LOGGED and RECEIVED.

Mayor Rodell swoons across the (I'm sure) three-inch thick shag carpet in her flagstone-walled ranch house. She's glittering in gold jewelry and shellacked hair, and she is growling to the Taylors about how "Barbara is from a long line of Georgia Democrats. To this day, they talk about Jimmy Carter like he was the second coming." She sits down very closely to this Barbara who takes the conversational baton and runs with it, smoothly chuckling about her family and their obsession with Habitat for Humanity and how "when the two families get together, oh baby can things heat up." As she says this, she reaches over and pats Lucy on the knee, and the camera cuts to Tami looking shocked and distracted. It's the Ranch House of Lesbos! Taylor sort of stutters, trying to come up with something to say in response until Tami jumps in, "...that must be, that must be awkward!" and gives her husband a pointed glance.

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