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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Family Values

Lucy goes for the jugular now, and addresses Tami: "Tami. You know I'm running for re-election." The two women are absolutely tremendous, in their shiny fabrics and clanking jewelry and tightened faces. I want to be a Texas Lesbian of A Certain Age! Lucy dramatically asks Tami to be part of her campaign team -- "You're a strong, smart, charismatic lady. Together, there's no stoppin' us." Tami responds, her voice going into the stratosphere as it does whenever she's nervous or lying, thanks them, tells them she's flattered, and asks for some time to consider it.

At the Williams house, Smash comes in, and his mother gives him a hard time that on top of everything else, he's keeping her up half the night wondering where he is. He marches up the stairs, and she asks where he's going. He pauses at the top of the stairs and shouts, "To my room! I'm goin' to my room!" She tells him to lower his voice, but he shouts back, "How could you be so stupid?" He tells her that if Coach reports him, he's off the team with no chance of a college scholarship. "You ruined my life, momma." She tells him she went to Taylor because she didn't want to think he was so stupid to do something like this on his own. Smash tells her, sincerely, "This is all I got and you took it away." His mom is obviously conflicted, and she lashes out, telling him to get out of the house until he can learn to respect her. Smash storms off and we end on Momma, standing next to a large photo of Smash in his football uniform hanging on the wall.

Smash wakes in the early morning in his car, and then we fade to Smash in Coach Taylor's office, where Coach is giving him the Fatherly Death Rays of Disapproval. Smash admits that he made a mistake and tries to curry favor by asking Coach if he hasn't ever made a mistake. Smash's mom was right, kids are stupid. Coach runs with the question, telling Smash that, sure, he's made mistakes. He's forgotten something at the supermarket. He's been late for dinner, he's made a mistake on the football field that he regrets. "What you did? Wasn't any mistake, son. What you did was screwed yourself over and you screwed this team over. You know what you call that? You call that a stupid, dumbass, cowardly act is what you call that." Mistakes versus acts. You can always count on a Texas football coach for a crash course on philosophy and ethics. Coach demands that Smash tell him who knows about what he's been doing, and where he got the steroids. Uh, a real manly lady? Gasp! Do you think the Ranch House of Lesbos is in on this manly woman steroid ring?

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Friday Night Lights




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