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Family Values

Tyra comes home to find her loser mom sacked out on the couch. We're supposed to think the 12 ounce glass in front of her is filled with tea, but we know it's probably whiskey. In either case, poured to help wash down the Valtrex. Tyra asks her mom if she called about the job, but her mom just looks up at her awesome daughter in simpering helplessness. She says she can't make it without Bob. She continues, saying she knows that Tyra doesn't like Bob, but he was paying the bills. Tyra doesn't even honor that statement with a response and asks again if she called about the job at Buddy's. She did call, but she can't even get an interview. Must be something to do with those blank googly eyes she's got. She childishly throws herself back onto the pillows. Tyra is silent in the face of her mother's utter uselessness.

Coach is making an announcement in the locker room that Smash won't be playing in the game on Friday. The whole room erupts in moans and groans, but Taylor stonewalls them, telling them that "it's a personal issue." He quiets them, demands that the boys respect Smash's privacy, and then reminds them that they won't focus on the one person who is not on the field but instead they will focus on the forty-four that are out there. Kyle Chandler's hair, please note, becomes more and more incredulous as the episode goes on. The camera lingers on Smash, not really looking like he's learned much of a lesson yet. Let's check back in with him in twenty minutes or so, shall we?

At the Saracens', Matt sits two feet from the television, studying plays, while his grandmother chatters in the background about how "we got Brian not playing under mysterious circumstances." Matt tries to brush her nattering off, but she charms the pants right off of all of us when she leans toward Julie, who is sitting next to her, quietly doing some homework, and pats her on the arm, "You know, it's too bad we don't have an insider, you know, someone who could shed some light on this." Julie smiles and tells Grandma that "he doesn't tell me anything." Grandma looks at Julie like she's an angel come down to earth (which she is, duh) and tells her "I just love your daddy...does he like cherry pie?" Way to take it a bit too far there, lady. You can always count on the senile to make everyone squirm a bit. Matt jumps in his seat and starts pointing at the television. He goes on about shifting and spread formations and single backs and safetys. Everyone leans forward to see what he's talking about and he goes on -- very cutely -- about how there's "basically an ocean" there and that he "can just fire pops right into there." He's excited and taking control of his own destiny just like Dr. Q said he should. But of course, his dad is sitting back and taking control of his assiness just like Dr. Ass recommends. He suggests that Matt just let Coach call the plays.

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