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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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But Matt is too excited. He swears he's just discovered how they're going to win without Smash and then starts emphasizing far too much exactly what his dad will SEE when he ATTENDS the game on FRIDAY. He will SEE and then he'll SEE that Matt was right. Oh, Matt. Haven't you learned yet that every time you express joy, the world is right there to crush that joy? Henry slowly tells his son that he's been meaning to tell him, but...Matt: "What?" Soundtrack: "Cry, Drunken Bee, cry." Drunken Bee: "How can I cry when I am filled with so much hate?" Henry: "I'm shipping out on Friday." Matt: "Take heed, for I am the Second Coming." The poor boy, clearly crushed, still tells his dad that it's okay and everyone in the room looks sad and embarrassed and like they're kicking themselves for thinking Matt might be able to be happy for longer than two seconds. Grandma doesn't help when she proposes that perhaps "those solidiers over in I-raq might see that game. They see the Super Bowl! Have you heard that? They've got cable and all kinds of things over there. The highest technology. That's what I hear." Shut it, Grandma.

The Taylors are in bed, and somebody is in there with them: Mayor Lucy Rodell.

Not that way! They are watching Lady Mayor give some sort of press conference on TV. Tami remarks that she's a smart politician; Coach expands on this, "A smart politician with an alternative lifestyle." Chandler's delivery is so comfortably funny there. Tami laughs and jokes about how "shocking" it is, saying that the town just keeps getting weirder. Tami wonders why they chose them to open up to. Her husband pretends to consider this question seriously and replies that it is because she realizes "what a forward-thinking individual I am." Tami just chuckles and then leans in close to her husband and starts with the pillow talk: "I did look at her website." How many raucous nights in bed are started with that phrase I wonder? She continues, saying that Lucy's education plan looks really good. Hmmm. The situation is getting a little less hot now. Coach asks whether or not it would be too much for his wife, to deal with this new project and all his needs and demands, too. I wonder if there is a multi-tasking option here? For the satisfaction of both Lady Mayor's and Coach Taylor's needs and demands? Coach asks Tami if Lucy knows that she voted against her, but Tami brushes this fact off as "details" as they start making out.

There's a knock at the door, and Tami tells her husband that if it is Buddy Garrity at their door in the middle of the night, she's going to go right now and get his new deer rifle. Connie Britton, in a nightie, cocking a rifle? I'm afraid I do now mean that in a Voyeur Web sort of way.

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