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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Family Values

Coach opens the door and finds Smash standing on his doorstep. Coach tells Smash that it is past eleven at night. Smash apologizes and tries to tell Coach how awful he feels. He screws up his courage and asks Coach if he's off the team, telling him that he deserves to know. Coach looks at the kid somewhat impassively before breaking into another rage at him. He shout-whispers that he should have reported this as soon as it happened. He tells Smash that he is risking his job, that "inside this house, I've got a wife and a daughter. They depend on me to provide for them. You understand that?" Cut to Smash, who's lowered his glance a bit, almost like he's almost ready to learn a lesson. Coach tells him that when he does make a decision, he'll let Smash know. But that until then, Smash just needs to keep his mouth shut. Smash leaves, and Coach turns back into his house where Kyle Chandler's hair looks like it's about to bitch slap the man for putting it all on the line like this.

Coach is briefing the press, with the emphasis on "brief." He refuses to say anything more than that the matter is internal and then walks out of the room where Buddy Garrity has been lurking and listening. Buddy -- who's getting more and more schticky -- tells Coach that "frankly, I'm hurt" that he hasn't told him what's going on. Coach repeats that the matter is internal. Buddy follows Coach into his office, pleading and declaring that "if anyone is internal, I'm internal. In fact, I'm probably the most internal son of a bitch you've ever met in your life." Coach tells him that he won't ever be able to talk about the matter, but Buddy persists. Matt Saracen knocks at the open door and Buddy tells him to hold on a minute. But Coach says, brightly, "Come in!" Matt hesitates, asking if "Mr. Garrity" is through, but Coach doesn't give Buddy a chance to reply as he utters forcefully through clenched teeth, "Come on in."

Matt stutters his way into the room, and Taylor glares Buddy out of the room. Coach doffs his cap, rubs his head in frustration, then dons his cap as Matt lays some diagrams on the table, talking something or other about how they can "audible out to the spreads." Taylor cuts Matt off and clenches at the poor boy, "Why don't you do your job and I'll do my job?" Matt protests a bit, but Coach says he'll take a look at Matt's plays and starts glaring him out the door. Matt stutters backward, but not without getting one last plug in for his plays. Coach turns the Fatherly Death Rays up to eleven, clenches that he will take a look at the plays, and Matt is out the door.

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