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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

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Family Values

Cut to Herc and Jason in a pick-up. Jason is telling Herc to pull over "here here here." Herc wants to know where they're going as Jason pulls up the hood of his sweatshirt. "Whoa, there unabomber." Herc pulls the truck over and Jason tells him to look through the window over there. Lyla is sitting at a window table in the "oriental" restaurant. Herc exlaims, "Lyla Garrity! Shoo!" Jason asks Herc if he thinks she's with a family friend or on a date. Herc begins to answer "With her track record..." and Jason cuts her off. What did you think he'd say, bud? Jason looks crazy in his hoodie, and Herc tells him that "stalking is not becoming." Jason asks Herc to drive off, but Herc leans toward Jason's passenger side window and gimpily waves his hand. He honks the horn and yells "Hi Lyla!" as Jason pleads with him to move the truck along. Lyla glances out the window at the commotion and we cut to the pickup truck speeding off, two wheelchairs chumming around in the truck bed.

Oh, hello lover! They may keep you from me, but you can never keep me from you! (Herc: "Drunken Bee, stalking is not becoming"). Tim saunters out of school and runs into Tyra "Tall Drink of Bourbon" Collette. She immediately tells him she needs a favor but clarifies, "It's not going to involve thank-you sex, or make-up sex, or any kind of sex." How about refrigerated storage sex? Tim tells Tyra that it isn't all about sex for him. Because sometimes he thinks about blush application, too.

Cut to Tim standing in front of Buddy Garrity. This is truly a stretch. Why would Tyra send the boy that she knows Buddy knows fucked his daughter? Tim might want to tell me to get my mind out of the gutter, that it isn't all about sex. I'd say, if you want to tell me something, pick up the phone and call, pretty boy! Buddy tells Tim that his timing is terrible. Tim deadpans, "I get that a lot, sir." Buddy goes over the Henry Saracen debacle to Tim, and then points out the inappropriateness of Tim asking him for a favor. Tim looks down for a moment and channels Clint Eastwood when he looks back up at Buddy, "Sir, I know you're a big man in this town...and you don't owe me or anyone else any favors. But all Tyra's tryin' to do is help her mom." Robin Hood in Tights, this kid! Buddy is impressed by Tim's forthrightness and tells Tim that he's a good man. Ugh. Sometimes I really like this show's representation of masculinity, but sometimes it all gets a little too "traffic in women" for me. Buddy tries to pump Tim for information about Smash, but Tim is obviously telling the truth when he says that nobody knows what's going on. Buddy shakes his hand and tells Tim to send the slutbag over for an interview tomorrow afternoon.

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