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Previously, we were tested to our very souls. Currently, we are tested to our very souls in having to consider the possibility that this might be all there is of our beloved show.

We open at the megachurch. Tim and Billy Riggins are in attendance, barely managing to toss a buck into the offering plate Lyla is passing around. Cut over to the rocking black church, where a three-tiered electronic keyboard has been pressed into serving the Lord. What I want to know is, where's the key-tar? Corinna is clapping her hands and swaying to the music while Smash stands next to her, distracted. He looks down at his phone and then walks out the open door in the back, much to Corinna's chagrin. Outside, we find that he's calling the football coach at the University of Alabama. He's fed to voicemail, where he leaves a message "following up to see if you got my other messages." Ouch. He forces out a sunny reference to how he feels like "rolling with the Tide" now. He hangs up and looks down at a piece of crumpled paper in his hand, a sad little list of schools and coaches to call.

Buddy Garrity Motors. Jason is with a customer, giving him the "this is the absolute best we can do" spiel. The guy is resisting, but Jason gets distracted by his commission when he sees the redheaded waitress he had a fling with a few weeks ago. He wheels outside to greet her, and they make the briefest of small talk. She tells him she's not shopping for a car and then apologizes for not calling him back. Jason then tells her he was wondering about all that, about how she didn't return any of the ten phone calls he made. Oh, Jason. Ten phone calls? He babbles nervously about not knowing what "the rules" of this sort of thing are, and continues babbling until she jumps in and says it: "Jason. I'm pregnant." Jason's jaw drops and then he says, "That, that's impossible." And though I'm not thrilled with teen-pregnancy story arcs (thanks a lot, Party of Five), I'm willing to see this one through.

Credits. Tami walks through a parking lot with Gracie Belle and is stopped in her tracks. "No way! Is that Mo!" We pan over to a guy who...well, you guys, it's Peter Berg. Which, I don't really think I need to remind you but will anyway (because, Pete, call me!) but I sort of have always had this Peter Berg, uh, thing. The crooked teeth. The overbite. The receding hairline. The handheld-camera obsession. Oh my god, I just think he's so hot. I can't really explain it. Okay. So now that's out of the way, I'm just going to try to recap his scenes without interrupting myself every ten seconds to check in with you about whether or not you still want to sit with me at lunch now that you know my deep, dark secret.

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