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Back at the ranch, Chris is taking sips from a delicate porcelain cup of tea. He's really going to have to up the machismo a bit, arriving as he is, so to speak, after Tim Riggins. He tells Lyla that his family loves her, and jokes that his grandmother is about ready to start planning the wedding. He hands her the tea and then tells her a story about his grandmother telling one of his sisters that "the bigger your hair, the closer you are to God." They laugh, and then Lyla gets down to business: "So, uh, are we alone?" Oh, girl. I could not love you more. Lyla Garrity will go down in television history as one of the very few female characters to be given a full, (mostly) unashamed, complicated sexuality. And not, like, die at the hands of an escaped lunatic or something. Chris confirms that they are alone, and Lyla leans in to kiss him. The kissing gets more passionate, his hands grasp her hips, she takes off her cardigan, he runs his hands along her torso. And then. He stops. He tells her to hold that thought, that he doesn't want to do anything to ruin what he feels for her. She's clearly disappointed; he says that even though it goes against every fiber in his being, he has to leave. She meekly tells him she's okay with it, and he leaves. Shot of Lyla dejectedly putting her cardigan back on. I'll tell you what, I hope she's realizing that she needs a little more than good dinner conversation, which in the end is what is wrong with Christianity needlessly cutting sex out of the equation when it comes to loving relationships.

Back at Carmello's, it appears that Coach and Mo are on their thirty-second shot each. Mo is slurring about "triple stack offense," and it becomes clear that he's accusing Coach Taylor of stealing his offense from some other coach. They've each got a full shot in their hands, and when Mo tries to do another cheers to Eric, Eric says, "Cheers to liars." Mo is like, hell, yeah, cheers to liars, and these two are officially off the rails. In the background, Tami is pleading for them to finish up and go home. Mo then decides that he wants to talk about something else that Eric stole -- Tami. He challenges Eric to look him in the eye and say that he wasn't calling Tami behind Mo's back and telling her that Mo was sleeping with some other girl. Tami has had enough and says angrily that Mo's theory is ridiculous, she already knew he was sleeping with that girl. She gets up, but Mo raises yet another shot, this time "to stealers and liars." Coach takes one, too, and then says, "Red light?" Mo's hair, if it were as expressive as Eric's, would be rubbing its grubby little hands together, as he confirms, "Red light," and the two launch out of their seats, tackle one another, and start rolling around on the floor. Tami at first shrieks for them to stop, but then goes very quiet and just walks away, calling behind her as she walks out the door that "I'll see you at home, honey!" Meanwhile, my head is exploded into a million pieces, because in case you didn't notice, Kyle Chandler and Peter Berg are rolling around on the floor together.

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Friday Night Lights




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