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Next morning is Sunday and Tami is stalking around the house like a lioness. A lioness pissed off at her drunk-ass husband, I guess. She instructs Julie to get her coat; Julie wants to know why she has to go to church when her dad isn't. Tami tells Julie to go ahead and say that to her father, but when Gracie Belle starts whining, she has a better idea: "In fact, let's all go." They open the door to find Coach in bed with a fat lip and an epic hangover. Tami brightly says that it's just his three girls standing there wondering if he wants to go to church. Julie asks what he did to his face and he mutters that he was "defending your mother's honor." Julie: "With your face?" Heh. Tami corrects him: "No, he was acting like an idiot," and then turns to leave. She tells Julie to say goodbye to her dad, which she does, then suggests that Julie say it a little louder. Coach is just in bed, moaning and groaning, and the close-up of the side of his face in the unforgiving morning light -- well, let's just say that that looks like a hangover. As my husband's mother once said to him when she came in his room the morning after a particularly long night: "It smells like a brewery in here!"

Megachurch. Tim is there, accepting well wishes from an old rancher-looking man telling him that he hopes the Panthers get to the playoffs. Lyla comes up as the old man leaves and tells Tim that her weekend was great, that Chris was "a perfect gentleman." Well, if your version of a perfect gentleman is one who gingerly handles teacups and is frightened of physical contact. With a wide smile on her face she asks, "Are you really going to come every Sunday?" and Tim, with as equally wide a smile, says, "Yes! Whatever it takes!" and then turns to greet an old lady in a Sunday hat: "Miss McGowan, how are you?!" Tim Riggins could really make it as a televangelist. Tim invites Lyla to sit with them and she says she can't. He keeps insisting as she brushes by him, and her protestations start to look more and more like somebody who's being charmed. She makes her way over to Chris and sits down. She smiles at him, but she's clearly got something private going on inside of her. And by "private," I mean "horny." And just because if I don't say it now, I might not ever get a chance to (sniff), this episode's parallel between Tami, Eric, and Mo and Lyla, Tim, and Chris is so perfect and just makes me want more; to keep following Tim Riggins's development into a better man, and Lyla's development into a woman more in touch with her sexuality and sassiness. And Chris's moving to Dallas.

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Friday Night Lights




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