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Smash sits in his room, listening to his iPod. Corinna comes in and tells him that dinner is almost ready. She notices the tears in his eyes and asks if he's okay. He says he is. She sits on the bed and tells him that his aunt called to say how proud she is of him. Corinna tells him how proud they all are of him, that he's going to college on a full scholarship. Smash still looks pretty down in the mouth, so she tells him that she knows that Whitmore isn't what he dreamed of, but that when a door closes, God opens a window. "He don't never fumble the ball, He always gets the touchdown, that's God's plan." I cannot believe this show can deliver not only the "closed door, opened window" banality but then also couple it with a sports as religion analogy, and have it come off so movingly. Corinna tells Smash that he's going to get a good education and that he's going to be the star of the team. She leaves him to mope a little bit longer. Which he does only briefly, finally swinging his legs off the bed and looking like he's ready for the challenge.

Jason sits with Erin at a pizza place. He apologizes for how he acted the other day, and she tells him that he damn well better, that she really needs that job and he was totally inappropriate coming in there like that. Jason keeps his cool and says that all he's asking her to do is to not make any rash decisions. She assures him that she's thought about it every which way, that she already feels her body changing, looking down and saying, "I mean, it sucks." Jason says he understands, and then asks her to think of it this way: "There's a little baby in there, a little person, with little fingers, and little toes, a little heartbeat." And I don't know what it is a testament to -- Scott Porter's insane charisma, yet another sentimental Wilco song ("In a Future Age") playing in the background, my extreme depression that this might be the last scene of this show I ever see -- but I actually don't want to hit him over the head with a frying pan for talking about a collection of cells like he is. He continues, asking her if she's even just a little bit curious, and proposes that their baby could be the next Bill Gates, or Peyton Manning. She offers a counterproposal: "Or the next Britney Spears. With a learning disorder. [pause] As if that's not redundant." Jason says that wouldn't happen on his watch. He reaches out and takes her hand and tells her that he knows this might be the most important decision either of them ever makes, and that if she gives this a chance, he will be there every step of the way. Her expression is changing, and Jeff Tweedy has hit the sharp, dissonant bridge every song of his has, and I'm all goose-bumped. Jason asks her to just give it a shot: "Please? Pretty pretty pretty please? Just give it a chance?"

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Friday Night Lights




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