Friday Night Lights

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May The Best Show Win

And then that's it. That's quite possibly it forever. Which is sort of beautiful in some ways -- ending with Jason Street on the brink of a new life, Wilco, Smash becoming a real human being after an experience with disappointment, Lyla Garrity and Tim Riggins one step closer to becoming Tami and Eric Taylor. This is what I'm thinking of as the The Portrait of a Lady ending, one of the greatest unresolved literary endings of all time. But if this is actually all there is, it's also totally crushing -- we wouldn't see these new lives for Jason and Smash play out, we left Julie and Matt stranded on Brat Island, and the last we see of Tami and Eric Taylor is Coach in bed hungover, even the hairs on his head moaning in pain, with Tami storming out the front door. Please, NBC, won't you consider giving it a chance?

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Friday Night Lights




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