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Mo walks over to Tami and they hug and kiss hello -- Mo telling Tami that she looks gorgeous and calling her "baby." Mo is in real estate in Dallas, and is in town looking at grocery stores to buy. His handler leans in to clarify that they're looking at property all over the state, but Mo only has a couple of particular hot properties on his mind right now. You know. Tami's boobies? He introduces Tami as "the reigning Rankin High School homecoming queen, nineteen-eighty -- what year was it?" Tami declares that nobody needs to know what year it was and somehow out of all the talking over one another, it comes out that she and Mo were high school sweethearts. Scandal! She tells him that she's a counselor at the high school and he declares that the boys must love her, which leaves Tami rather speechless -- " are too funny" is all she can manage. Tami Taylor! You've got butterflies seeing this guy! In the end, Mo invites Tami and the rest of the Taylors to a charity thing at the hospital tomorrow night, telling her to tell Coach that he specifically wants him to come, as the state championship coach and all.

At the high school, the football team is in the gymnasium. Smash is on the sidelines; Mac tells him that he should get out there but Smash says that he's hated this game since the fifth game. Cut to the court where the game, we find, is dodgeball. Lots of gleeful testosterone up in there, and the contrast between the rest of the team's innocent playfulness and Smash's worried eyes is great. Coach Taylor asks Smash how he's doing, and Smash tells him that he's been talking to some other coaches; Coach just tells him that that's good and then turns his attention back to the other boys.

Herc is in mid-tirade. "What a bitch!" Jason and Herc argue about what the waitress wants from him (Herc says money for an abortion, Jason says no) and why Jason isn't pissed off about her showing up pregnant. Yes, Herc, because being pissed off over basic biological realities is super-helpful. Herc asks Jason if it's even really his, and Jason is insulted that Herc thinks he'd be so naive as to not even ask; he says she says he's the only person she'd been with. Herc then wonders why Jason never thought about a rubber -- "Wrap that puppy, man!" -- and Jason loses it, shouting that he didn't wear a condom because everyone told him this wasn't possible, and that if this is true, and she is pregnant and it is his, "then it's a miracle." That shuts Herc up a bit, who pauses and then asks Street what he plans to do about this little miracle. And Jason just quietly says that there's nothing he can do, that she said it's her problem, that she'll take care of it. This is a really interesting way to come at the tired teen-drama pregnancy plot -- through a really stand-up male character who sort of maybe wants the baby. It obviously gets straight to the heart of how complicated the issue of unwanted pregnancies is.

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