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May The Best Show Win

So, now why'd I have to go make things so complicated? Timmy Riggins can help, I bet. And so we cut over to him, now apparently auditioning to host a sports radio show at the church. Is this for real? This church having so many radio programs? I guess I just grew up very New Jersey mainline, where everyone is all vying for the back pew trying to get the best position from which to get back to their car immediately after "Go in peace." Lyla and Chris come in to see Tim in there; this is the first Lyla's heard of Tim's plan, and she isn't happy.

At the Taylors', Tami tries to innocently bring up that she ran into her old flame. She beats around the bush for a long while before Eric is finally like, "who? who did you run into?" She says "Mo McArnold" and Julie immediately wants to know who that is. Nobody answers her as Tami explains to Coach that he's in town buying up real estate, like he's some sort of mogul nowadays. Julie asks again and Coach answers with a wave of his hand that Mo McArnold is an old boyfriend of Tami's, and that lucky for the two of them, Coach came along when he did. Julie smiles very cutely, seeing right through her father's gruff exterior, knowing that there is some unfinished business between the three of them. Coach declares that the best man won and Tami doesn't miss a beat by answering, "That's right, honey, I'm your prize Guernsey." So funny. Tami then tells Coach about how Mo invited them to a charity event at the hospital, only she keeps repeating that going would be "really neat," that it's a "neat idea." Coach sarcastically tells her it'd be "real nifty" to go to it, and then she tells him that Mo wants to see him. Coach isn't falling for that, either, and when she says that everything that happened is water under the bridge, Coach is like, oh no it isn't! He says that Mo "talks a lot" -- using the universal hand sign for jabbering -- and Tami says that she knows he's "got that crazy energy" but that it'd be fun to go. Oh, Tami. You are like plate glass right now; just like you said last week, it's nice to feel like a boy likes you.

Ugh. Noelle. She's super-unlikable in this next scene as she sits in a car with Smash, trying to help him get up the courage to go ambush a football coach. She tells him to remember that he's Smash Williams and that he's set all these records for a state championship team. She says that this coach is going to be so psyched to have a second chance to sign him and that besides, when he comes back, she'll totally eff him. He does a double take and asks, "For real?" and then she says "Nah, I'm PMS-ing." Ugh. UGH.

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