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Smash approaches the coach and launches into his sales talk, telling him that he got caught up in the moment, committing to TMU, and that he's changed his mind now. The coach wasn't born yesterday; he tells Smash that he knows TMU pulled the scholarship. Smash is nothing if not persistent, though, as he keeps a desperate smile plastered on his face and goes over his stats once more, declaring himself the best in the state, and saying that he is ready to come to Tuscaloosa. The coach finally tells him that the spot is taken, that they have a commitment from Jewett Coleman from California, who'll fit in nicely with the quarterback that he's presumably scouting right now. Smash keeps on until the coach finally yells at him, saying sternly that they honor their commitments, and that means Jewett Coleman is coming to Alabama and that they are the University of Alabama, they don't play second fiddle to anyone. Then the coach softens a bit and offers Smash his hand, wishing him good luck and telling him to say hi to his mother for him.

Tyra and Landry walk into school in slow motion, holding hands. Matt Saracen cranes his neck to watch while Jean averts her gaze from such nonsense. Tim walks up to Lyla, and if you thought Tim Riggins was likable as the resident bad boy, he is just stratospherically perfect as the romantic underdog. He advertises his radio show a little bit to her and then, not getting much of a reaction, asks her how "the boy" is. She says that he's great, and that he invited her to the ranch this weekend to meet his family. Tim Riggins -- who, brilliantly, has got a pencil behind his ear in this scene; so insouciant! -- snarks, "That's great," which I believe is quickly becoming a little catch phrase for him. Lyla says that it is great, mainly because Tim isn't going to be able to find them, and then brushes past him. These two clearly want to just fall down in the sand and make love in the waves every single time they talk. They're like the origin of the bickering-turns-to-kissing convention. I love it!

At the Clarke household, everybody continues to pretend like Landry did not kill someone, sort of in cold blood. Landry and Matt come home and find Landry's dad -- what was his inappropriately Boystown name? "Chad"? -- charming his wife by telling her he has every intention of licking her bowl later. Uh, yeah, that's pretty much verbatim what he said. The camera is horrified at having caught such a scene, and so wanders over to Landry and Matt on the couch, where Landry is holding a Guitar Hero guitar. Oh, to be in high school and have it be 3:30 PM again. Landry asks Matt if he heard about him and Tyra, clearly feeling his oats in a big way here. Matt wonders what happened to Jean, and Landry just tells him its complicated. And then immediately contradicts what he just said by explaining exactly what happened to Jean: "I'll tell you one thing. In, like, the boudoir? Tyra does, does things that I didn't even know..." Matt interrupts, kind of meanly, to say that it's no wonder, Tyra's got a lot of experience, reminding Landry that he's not Tyra's first, that she was with Riggins before. Landry calls him out on this and Matt says he just didn't realize Tyra was his type. Landry gives as good as he gets, though, and says, "Well, I didn't think a hot Mexican nanny was your type." Matt, exasperated, reminds Landry that she's not Mexican and not a nanny: "She's Guatemalan and an in-home-care nurse." But then Matt gets to the point, saying that he got blown off by the hot lady just like Landry is going to get blown off by Tyra. So true.

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