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At the hospital, a little group of folks stands around listening to a speech about the new helicopter and heliport Mo apparently donated. Mo takes the podium. Did I mention that one of Mo's things is wearing a cowboy hat? And that Peter Berg looks hilarious in a cowboy hat? All tall and lanky, he looks kind of like Woody from Toy Story. He opens his speech by saying that as a third-generation Dillon resident, he's proud to make this donation. He steps back and give a little finger-gun point out toward the Taylors.

Cut to the reception, where Mo rushes in on Coach and Tami and starts talking a mile a minute. He raises his glass to Coach for his state championship and then again for his new baby. They shake hands and Mo wonders what it's been, fifteen years? Coach confirms as much and Mo shouts out "red light!" Coach laughs disingenuously while Tami stands by with a sort of horrified smile on her face: "Hasn't changed a bit, has it?" I guess they play red light/green light? Like kids do? I don't know. Mo tells them they look great but then puts his arm around Tami and jokes that she looks even better. He rattles on some more about how he has to go, they've got him on a schedule, and Tami gets wide-eyed realizing he's going to go up in the helicopter. Mo brushes it off as just for pictures, "it's ridiculous," and then declares that he's going to the football game on Friday. Through clenched teeth, Coach says he'll get him some good seats, but then Tami offers to have Mo sit with her. Kyle Chandler's hair might as well have its little fists balled up, all "put up your dukes, man!" Mo leans in and kisses Tami again, then tells Coach to "bring 'em hell. You bring 'em hell" and then gives him a faux right hook to the jaw. Amidst much hilarious fanfare (Movie Fone guy intones, "Mo McArnold will now take the inaugural flight in the medivac helicopter"), Mo takes a dorky little ride up into the air. Tami and Coach watch. That is, until Coach turns his head to watch his wife watching, and is clearly nonplussed by the wonder and amazement on her face.

Applebee's. Jason is telling Coach about his predicament. He explains the whole "his only chance" thing (people, it's called ADOPTION) and then asks Coach if he thinks he's crazy. Coach tells him that he's heard this all before. A nice little line reminding you how in-the-trenches high school teachers and coaches often are. Coach observes, though, that usually he's hearing the story the other way around. Jason says that he isn't trying to get out of it, he's trying to get into it, and confesses he did the worst job possible trying to convince her the first time around. That's putting it lightly. "Blessing from God" is really not what a nineteen-year-old waitress with really sore breasts wants to hear. Coach tells Jason that he has no magic words, that it's up to Jason to find the words to convince her. I'm not so sure how into this "convince her" approach I am. Like, is this really the time for rhetoric? Coach gives him Get Ready Cuz Ima Bout To Drop Some Wisdom eyes and then declares that "children and the mother of your children" are the two most important people in the world. He asks how old they both are, and Jason tells him, and then says that she's just scared. Coach tells Jason that what he knows about women could fit into this coffee cup, but that what he does know is that you need trust and honesty with them. He tells Jason he doesn't have an answer for him, that the boy needs to make his own answer.

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