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Cut over to Tim Riggins in the studio. He's super-charismatic on the air, saying things like "let's get real here" and "let's get after it" and answering questions about how to contribute to the salvation of the football team and whether or not he'll go out with a girl because she thinks he's hot, you know, kind of like Jesus was. To this latter question he replies, "You've just been cut off. That was ridiculous." Hee. Then someone calls in to ask what Tim thinks about the Smash Williams situation. He says that Smash is a stand-up guy and that if it were him, he probably would have taken things even further than Smash did. The girl asks, "So you're saying it's okay to hit someone." Uh, if they're racist asswipes it is. I really don't think there's a commandment against popping jerks every once in a while. Tim pretty much agrees with me and says as much, causing the station manager (reverend? deacon? I'm totally confused by the business model of this church radio station) to take a deep breath.

Tim signs off and Chris, who's been back there watching him, asks him to talk for a second. Chris starts by mumbling about how he knows Tim is only doing this show to get close to Lyla and get under his skin. Timmy plays dumb (and oh so beautifully) and Chris tells him that Lyla is over him. I like to imagine a montage going through Timmy's head right now, remembrances of Mexico and how no woman could ever get over that. Chris wishes him good luck in the game and tells him he'll be listening to the game on the radio. Timmy wonders sweetly whether Lyla will be thinking of Chris or of Tim as she sits with Chris listening to the radio. Chris, killing him with kindness, smiles beatifically and says that she's going to be with him, so... Oh, Chris. Like most devout Christians, I believe you underestimate the power of imagination and desire. That was such a great scene; good old Logan Huntsberger brought exactly the right amount of smug wholesomeness to meet Taylor Kitsch's smug depravity.

Coach has called Smash into his office. He asks him to go down to see the coach from Whitmore College with him. Smash doesn't want to give the historically-black college the time of day, saying it's like Siberia there, that they were only 2-8 last year. Coach reminds him that Whitmore is one of the only schools still standing behind Smash at the moment. Smash still resists, and Coach snarkily asks if he's got an airplane coming to pick him up to whisk him off to LSU, USC? Coach then tells Smash that he didn't listen to him the first time, so he'd better now. He offers the possibility that Smash might transfer after two years, that, hell, he might be the first player from Whitmore in ten years to make it to the draft. Smash thanks him quietly and tells him he'll let him know.

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