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Football game. Dillon is killing their opponent, 30 to 0. It's maybe not such a good thing that Coach doesn't have much of a game to distract him from looking into the stands and watching Mo and Tami hanging out together. He sends the second string in, sweetly telling them to wave to their parents and then go have a good time. On the field, Matt Saracen calls a play mischievously, asking Landry if he wants to show Tyra what he can do. The ball is snapped and Matt tosses Landry a jump pass, and all he needs to do is just sort of saunter into the end zone. Tyra cheers, Landry's parents cheer, Mo grabs Gracie Belle -- bundled up in a big puffy pink snuggle suit -- and raises her into the air. Coach catches this last move and scowls. Tami, in the stands, says that Gracie loves her Uncle Mo! Last play of the game; the opposing team has the ball near their end zone. The boys are forming up when Coach calls from the sidelines for Santiago to move to the side of the formation. Slammin' Sammy exposits that Coach Taylor is opening up the middle; the ball is snapped, and South Pines scores. Their fans go crazy while Slammin' Sammy tells us that Coach Taylor just gave them a little joy by letting them score. Is this team (and all its fans) made up of five-year-olds? Like, in whiffle ball when your little brother didn't realize he only got a home run because you let him (lots of exaggerated pratfalls and dropped balls)? Anyhow, it seems me and Peter Berg are on the same wavelength (call me!) because he's disappointed in the stands that Coach gave up the shutout.

Out on the field, Tami gives her husband a big hug while Mo sort of lurks around. He leans in to give Tami a kiss on the cheek (I love it!) and starts to walk off. But he can't resist pointing out to Coach that he gave up the shutout, then saying, "Coach, you need to bring the hammer down!" Eric barely even gives any indication he's listening to a word Peter Berg is saying, and he, Tami, and Gracie walk off together, Coach doing his usual, funnily gruff baby-talk to the little girl.

Down at Whitmore, Coach and Smash are standing with Coach Deeks, observing practice. Eric notes that the players are playing with a pretty open offense. Apparently this is called a "West Coast offense" but Deeks interjects to say that, no disrespect to Coach Walsh (that's former 49ers Coach Bill Walsh), but they were running that kind of offense ten years ago. "Speed and quickness," he says. He tells Smash that they don't have the size, but they've got the heart. They need a guy like Smash who can see the field and make the cuts. He looks meaningfully at Smash, and the boy wants to know why. MEANINGFUL MOMENT ALERT! Deeks tells Smash that he informed Coach Taylor six years ago that he thought the kid was the whole package. You guys, I just realized that this is Coach Deeks! (Who I apparently used to call Coach Deets; oops). There's something so awesome about him showing up now (albeit in the guise of a different actor), and us finding out how he's always been behind the scenes, keeping track of players, talking things over with Coach. Anyhow, it comes out here that he's watched Smash play since he was in PeeWee; he remembers when he got bumped up to varsity from junior varsity after a game against Arnett Meade. And when Eric came looking at the Dillon job, he told him that -- and here Eric jumps in to say the words Deeks said to him -- "Brian Williams is gonna be a star." And that he'd make Eric one, too. Deeks tells Smash that, honestly, they didn't think they had a chance at him, but that they're one big family at Whitmore and they'd love to have him. Smash, always on the lookout for a daddy, calls after Coach Deeks as he leaves, pauses, and then makes the verbal commitment. Why can't this kid ever ask his mom for any advice? He makes me crazy!

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