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Tami is at home vacuuming, telling Eric over the phone that Mo made reservations at Carmello's, the nice new Italian restaurant. He wants to take them someplace nice. Coach, fed up, observes that this is "the world's longest business trip." Tami can't hear over the vacuum; Coach complains, saying he at least wants to just go out to barbecue, that he doesn't want to spend all night with Mo. Tami says that if he's going to be so crabby about it, they'll just have to do it the next time Mo is in town. Coach doesn't like the thought of prolonging his agony and so he agrees to go. They talk a little about Smash and how great it is that he chose Whitmore; end scene.

At Chris's family's ranch, a group of true Texans sit around a table. Sassy grandma at the head of the table with serious helmet hair and everybody else some variation of blonde. Chris's mom turns to Lyla and asks her what college she's thinking of applying to. Lyla says Texas and Baylor (that's where her mom went) but that she really wants to go to Princeton. Really? Okay. Who knew? Chris points out that his sister Elena went to Princeton. The dad makes the expected joke, "Cost me a small fortune, but it was well worth it." Another sister pipes up to joke that "yeah right, like that degree in Russian Lit is doing her a lot of good while she shops for shoes at Neiman's." Everybody laughs, and Elena gives Lyla a classy wink of the eye as she takes the teasing in good spirits. And then one of the most artful scenes I think I've seen this season, as Patsy Cline's "Back in Baby's Arms" starts up on the soundtrack and we watch Lyla sparkle and bloom as she observes the easy way the family has with one another, conversing, teasing, drinking wine and breaking bread together. Lyla seems absolutely thrilled to be a part of something so seemingly refined and loving.

Over at the tacky Carmello's, Mo is just jabbering on about who knows what. He's talking about how Tami and Coach got married right and then raises his glass to toast love and to getting the love out that we know is in there. He's clearly tanked. What is he talking about? He then clinks glasses with Coach and says "God bless coaches like you" and Eric just says, "Thank you, that was a very nice speech that you made." Hee. Even though I'm sure it didn't get through the wine fuzz, calling Mo's jabbering a "speech" is just priceless. Tami does the universal "let's wrap this up" sigh and then says how good it was getting together. Mo immediately says that the night isn't over and then asks the waiter for a bottle of good whiskey. Tami protests, but Coach snaps, "Yeah I'll have a shot." Mo, never to be outdone, suggests, "Let's have two." The two men stare each other down. Tami asks for the check, too, and Mo declares that he'll take it. No, Eric says, I'll take it. The waiter pours them each a shot and Mo toasts Eric, only except the toast is "To lucky. To lucky," so he might just as well have been giving Eric a noogie as "toasting" him.

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Friday Night Lights




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