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Mud Bowl

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He Builds It, And They Come

Smash talks trash on the field, and the music transitions to some more chaotic percussives as we head to the coin toss and then straight into the game. Panthers fumble immediately and the Vikings run for a touchdown. Coach looks concerned, and the Vikings go for two, so the Panthers are down 8-nothing. The sky rumbles and then starts to open up as Panther Football Radio announces that "Coach Taylor's Field of Dreams may have just become a nightmare."

Cut over to Landry getting in his car and finding it won't start. His distress is more serious and less snarky then we've come to expect from him...setting my teeth a little on edge. Cut over to Tyra running through the rain into a fast food joint. The minute she comes in, one of two other men in there asks why she isn't at the game and she, friendly, says she has an algebra test coming up, "semifinal or no semifinal, you know what I'm saying?"

Back on the field, it's a torrential mess. Or, as Panther Football Radio declares, "a real Texas toe strangler." Saracen hands the ball to Riggins who drops it. There's a mad scramble for the ball, which just slithers along on the mud as the boys dive for it. Luckily it goes out of bounds, but the Vikings almost got it. Another snap, Matt slips and slides as he heads back. He throws and it gets intercepted. Jason Street is on the sidelines, and as the offense runs in and Coach screams at Matt ("What the hell you doin'?!"), Jason gives Matt a fist bump and then some constructive advice, reminding him to get off his heels to stop throwing short. Coach looks on Jason with approval.

Offense again. Matt hands off to Tim, who runs the ball well, almost breaking away but taking a hard fall in the mud. The crowd is pleased with the advance, and the announcers declare, "We have got a mud bowl here tonight!" It's almost halftime, another snap and Matt throws big to Smash who runs down the impossibly muddy field for a touchdown. Panthers go for two....and they get it, so it's tied going into the half.

But as the whistle blows, the referee calls the coaches and captains into a huddle where he declares that he thinks the game should be called. The announcers voice over about what a shame it would be to call the match, as "this is a home field in the truest sense of the word. This field was hand built by Coach Taylor and these players." As both coaches are silent on the matter, Matt jumps in and says that they want to play. His sentiments are echoed by the boys on the other team, and so that's what's gonna happen. Uh, okay. Hell if I'm going to complain if it seems rather convenient that the semifinals will take place in such dramatic circumstances. Somebody on that field, the referee and announcer say, is going to State.

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