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Mud Bowl

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He Builds It, And They Come

Tyra looks around wondering where Landry is. She starts to pack up her things, and creepy hamburger dude tells her to drive safe in the rain as she gets ready to leave.

On the field, the Vikings are set up for a field goal, but their kicker goes down in the mud. Coach Taylor smiles, but then seemingly takes his smile back because he realizes that the rain has pretty well evened the playing field as far as dumb mistakes go.

Tyra runs to her truck, and we see Creepy Hamburger Guy run after her, calling out that she left her notebook. As she turns slightly toward him, he hauls off and punches her, grabs her around her middle, forces her toward the passenger seat of his truck, opens the door and pushes her in. He's on top of her, she's struggling, the creepy percussive music gets more insistent. He's slapping her and fumbling with her clothes, and it is all completely horrible and terrible, perverted masculinity, a take-what-you-want-and-be-a-man-about-it nightmare.

On the field, Coach has his players gathered around him as he gives a rousing speech, telling his boys to take what they want, and the juxtaposition is so totally spot on. Not that Coach is turning boys into rapists -- he is trying as best he can to turn these kids into good, hardworking people -- but simply that there is frighteningly little distance between this football field and that parking lot. Coach tells his boys that everything they worked for all year is theirs for the taking right then. "This is our dirt, this is our mud, this is ours baby! Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!!!"

Back in the truck, Tyra has reached for and pushed in the cigarette lighter. She pops it out and jams it right into this fucker's eye. He screams, and she wriggles away, sliding out through the driver's side door. He comes after her, but she slams the door on his arm a few times and runs back toward the restaurant. She is screaming and sobbing and overwhelmed for a second in mid-run. The shithead limps off like a damned weasel into the night.

On the field, Jason tells Matt to not let the other team breathe and sends him back on the field. Matt throws to Smash on a skinny post and Smash runs -- or slips and slides for a while -- before getting tackled. For some reason, the announcers declare that "the clock is winding down on the Panther season" and I guess maybe they previously were going to have the Panthers down by one or two, having only gotten an extra point or gotten blocked while going for two. In any case, we have to stop nitpicking for any of this to have the drama it is intended to have.

Tyra is in the middle of the parking lot in the pouring rain, shaking hands reaching to pick up the papers she's dropped. A car pulls up and Landry gets out all apologies before realizing that it isn't right that she's standing out in the rain. She sort of falls right onto him, crying, "He tried to rape me." Landry at first asks who, but then goes quiet and just hugs her. He is so obviously such a good kid.

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