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He Builds It, And They Come

Nineteen seconds on the clock. Matt seems to be setting up for some sort of spike-y thing that will stop the clock (see, I only sort of know what they're talking about, but I'm getting through all this football talk, right?). The announcers declare that Matt is showing a lot of poise in the clutch. Jason screams "Gooooo!" from the sidelines, obviously fulfilled in a way he hasn't been in a long time. Snap. But Matt doesn't spike the ball, he effing runs with it!!!! Riggins gives him a huge block, and the motherfucking kid runs through the mud, and slippery rain, and he runs and runs for a touchdown. Hooray!!!! Seriously, as dorky as it sounds, the first time I watched this, I jumped off the couch and shouted "Hooray!"

Coach sort of jerks around on the sidelines like he's getting electrocuted, and everybody goes crazy as the sound of them going crazy fades and everything goes slow motion, and, lord, they make it just beautiful every week.

The rain has stopped, and Smash leads a prayer in thanks to God while we see the boys shake hands with the other team. Smash concludes, and the "amens" are followed with "wooo!"ing and more crazyhappytimes. Julie spots Matt in the crowd and just runs and tackles him into the mud saying, "I'll love you no matter what happens." Corinna and Waverly stand together -- Waverly wearing a smile, but clearly not feeling the joy -- Smash spots them and goes over for hugging and wooing family-style, hugging Waverly and teasing like he's going to push her into the mud. Little Sandy Duncan is at Tim's feet, tiny fist pumping like a crazy man, before asking if Tim is going to sleep over again that night. Tim is taken aback and only says, "I know we're going to state!"

At a closed-up restaurant, Landry sits across from Tyra, who is just mute in shock and anger and sorrow. He gets up and moves around to her side, holding onto her hand. She just sort of collapses onto him, and he whispers that she'll be okay. I hope they got whoever was working in there to jot down a description of Creepy Hamburger Guy before they started mopping the floors. I mean, really!

On the field, kids are running and sliding through the mud, including one kid still fully wearing his tuba. Mac approaches Coach and sets up that they'll be seeing Voodoo in the final. Coach walks over to Jason and says, "Matt Saracen. He was a different quarterback tonight." Jason tries to deflect the praise, just saying that he's a good kid, but Coach won't let him. He pauses and then asks, "You ever think about coaching?" Jason merely looks up at Coach and smiles. And, LISTEN TO ME, Kevin Reilly, if you don't let us see Jason make the transition between thinking about coaching and actually coaching, well...I'm going to be really, really mad. Over here on the internet.

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