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He Builds It, And They Come

Matt comes rushing toward the door, sees Buddy, and tries to turn around, but Coach likes using Matt as his Get Out of Buddy Free card, tells Matt to stay and Buddy to scram. Matt hesitates and then reveals his envelope of cash to Coach, who looks at it quizzically and asks where he got it. Matt replies that it was just, just in his lock-- POW!!! when the windows of Coach's office blow in and car alarms outside are set off. Coach rushes outside to see what the hell it was, as everyone in the school is doing, and we cut out there to see a plume of black smoke off in the distance and cut to our uninspiring credits.

Morning in the Street household. Mrs. Street is blathering about her skepticism about the upcoming settlement meeting. Jason thinks it's possible they may make a satisfactory offer, but Lady MacStreet doubts it. She will go and listen to the offer, though. Jason wheels himself away from the breakfast table toward the television where there is live coverage of the major train derailment that gave us our POW! just before. The television graphics tell us that this is a "possible toxic hazard" and Jason's dad exposits that it's derailed near the school.

Over at the school, everyone is milling about outside while, presumably, the principal informs all via bullhorn that they're getting evacuated for the day. The kids -- all their priorities in order -- cheer. Principal reminds them not to go near "the northeast sector" near the football field, as no one knows how dangerous it is over there. Coach walks right over to where his players have gathered and informs them that they will be having practice that afternoon, toxic waste or no toxic waste. Frankly, all these boys' innards are probably pickled enough to resist whatever Dow Chemicals throws at 'em here.

Cut over to Julie leaving Tyra's side for a second to attack Matt with a big hug. He asks what it's for, and she replies that it's because she loves him. Landry bypasses Cute Overload and heads straight for Leg Overload. Tyra, as she does, says, "Um, I'm gonna go?" the minute Landry talks to her. And she does. Landry asks Julie where Tyra is going, and the former informs him that she's going to the library to study for an algebra exam. Landry sort of shuffles around Julie and Matt, muttering about the library, and then saying he'll see them later. Matt, grinning, wonders where Landry's going. Landry just grins and shuffles and mutters some more.

This parking lot is clearly the parking lot of setting a lot of stuff up for the episode, because across the way, Smash is seemingly apologizing to Waverly for "freaking out" a little bit. What freak-out he refers to, we do not know. She's defensive saying it's cool that he doesn't want to be with a crazy person. Smash says he wants to try to make things work, but he gets called over to the football clot and follows that call.

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