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He Builds It, And They Come

Luckily, Waverly need only turn slightly to her right to find Lyla there, a girl we have never seen Waverly talk to once. So we shouldn't be all that surprised when Waverly, voice cracking a bit, gets emotional with Lyla about her lot as Football Player GF. Lyla -- who usually approaches her interactions with other women like she's Valerie Plame and they're all Karl Rove, i.e., with due suspicion -- decides at this moment to open up and tell Waverly that, well, her boyfriend went to Austin, got a tattoo from a girl but swears nothing happened when clearly something did. Waverly wonders how she knows something happened, and Lyla points out the obvious: "He got a tattoo!" She then adds that she knows something is up because she's called him four times and he hasn't called her back. Waverly can't believe it. What, you ask? "That you called anyone four times, I mean look at you!" Lyla always has responded to sweet talking, and so she asks Waverly what she should do, and Waverly gets that scary Robert Hayden face on and...

...we cut to the girls in some desolate field shooting guns. See, now, these two getting thrown together simply because they were standing next to one another in the TOXIC ALERT parking lot is just pretty dumb. But these two shooting guns together out in the woods? Pretty awesome. Way to keep your eyes on the ends and not the means, writers! So they shoot guns. It's hott.

Over in the library -- which hasn't been evacuated? -- Landry "accidentally" walks past Tyra and acts surprised to see her. Tyra tells Landry she's just wishing for a time machine so she can go back in time and shoot whoever invented algebra. Heh. Landry tells her that that's a Catch-22, as to build a time machine she'd probably need to use algebra. To kill the inventor of algebra. Landry is gesturing with one hand, in which resides some light reading he just picked up. The book is Our Bodies, Ourselves and I just died a thousand deaths over this fact, but not the kind of little deaths Our Bodies, Ourselves would probably illustrate in excessive, 1970s vaginal detail. Tyra sees where this is going, so she tells Landry she already has a tutor. But she doesn't see where Landry's charm is going, or how it is going, and that is FULL STEAM AHEAD. Landry asks her if her tutor a) taught Tim Riggins to read in a day and a half b) is at the top of his honors calculus class, or c) scored a 77 on the math section of his PSAT. Tyra hesitates, but Landry tells her she needs the A-Team and she's got Mr. T standing right in front of her and "'T' stands for...uh...Tyra's...algebra...tutor!" Tyra laughs, thoroughly charmed, and finally acquiesces. I just can't wait for the episode when she has to drug Landry to get him onto a plane. Also, Landry? Do not hesitate to start ringing big, gold bling around your neck.

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