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He Builds It, And They Come

Neighbor Lady rushes around at work, saying she's got to go and get Bo, that he's probably the last one there, again. She does not wonder if Little Sandy Duncan is strung up by those schoolyard bullies like Peter Pan hoisted above a stage. She comes around the customer counter -- she apparently works in a bank -- just in time to see Little Sandy barrel in. He declares that Tim Riggins picked him up. She tells him to go in back where there's cookies and then stands up and does the flirty bottom-lip-bite, lean-in pose toward Tim while telling him that he shouldn't come to the bank. He wonders why, and she tries to say "because it's a small town" but gets interrupted by some dude who comes in and starts man-talking to Riggins about bucklin' up chin straps cuz the other team is bringin' the wood. Tim, apparently, understands this man language and practically gives this dude the finger guns and then turns to this poor, poor woman -- and if anyone thinks she's taking advantage of him, I point you to exhibit A: Tim Riggins' mischievous smile, Your Honor, I rest -- and asks what she wants for dinner. She's tongue-tied, as well as probably having those panties in a twist -- and he says that he knows Bo likes pizza, so he may as well pick some of that up.

The Panthers are practicing, it seems, at a little league field. Some kids are running amuck around them as they stretch and get ready for practice, and The Galoot complains that "this is ridiculous, we're the Dillon Panthers." Coach calls them into a meeting and tells them that they've all gotten a little too big for their britches, that they think they're hot stuff but they aren't, and then awkwardly segues by saying "You know what I'm talking about." I absolutely did not, at first, but he explains -- while driving that damn murderous bus from Top Chef under which so many of our finest have been thrown -- "Matt Saracen found two hundred dollars in his locker." He demands to know who else has received that kind of money but the whole rest of the team is tight lipped. Coach continues demanding, but they keep stonewalling, until Coach gives up, snarking at this news that no one else has received money: "That must drive you crazy, Smash" and then sends them out to practice.

Buddy has materialized at the field and calls Coach over. Hey, now! Looks like he ran into an old friend over at Sally's Beauty Supply! It's Lady Mayor. She informs Coach that the EPA is keeping the school closed while they investigate the toxic fumes from the accident, and that it's going to be at least a week until they are finished. Coach isn't quite getting it, so Lady Mayor does the charitable, Mama Bird thing and chews up his scenery for him: "There's no way you're gonna have a home game this Friday."

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