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He Builds It, And They Come

Coach gets a tour of a huge, sparkling stadium, which apparently seats 12,000, has six-month old turf (but does it also have chili?), and a state-of-the-art press box. But Coach will pass. He says that a deal was signed and Dillon gets a home game; this stadium is twenty miles closer to Brantley. The Brantley coach says Eric is just splitting hairs. As they argue, a fly -- a real life one -- lands on the Brantley coach's neck and starts crawling around. Kyle Chandler, without breaking character, reaches out and flicks it away, the Brantley coach says thank you, and Kyle improvises a "your welcome" before continuing on to complain about what kind of connections Brantley's got in this stadium -- does the coach's brother run the clock, for example? We cut to a shot from inside the tunnel looking out onto the field. Eric walks into the darkness while Brantley and Buddy both try to convince him to accept this deal. But Coach Taylor, our Linus most certainly, just says "not here, gentlemen, not gonna be here."

Riding home with Buddy, the bouffanted one complains to Coach that the spiffy stadium would have been perfect for seating the VIPs, sponsors, et cetera. Coach suggests that Buddy buy his own field and then call the game The Garrity Bowl. Buddy chuckles and wonders if, in fact, naming rights are available. Coach, a stonefaced stone fox, tells Buddy that his players have been receiving cash gifts. Buddy just says "huh" and plays dumb.

Waverly and Lyla are hanging out at the burger joint. Smash sits off to the side and leers at Waverly as she gets up to leave. She doesn't seem to see him or something and sort of weirdly stumbles out of the joint. Smash gets up to go talk to Lyla. He wonders when she and Waverly got to be such good friends. She wonders back at him how even though she's cheered for him for years they've never even said hello to one another. This small town sure seems big sometimes. Lyla teases Smash that he'd better watch out because Waverly is a good shot. Smash, worried, wonders what she means, and she explains that they went shooting, proud of how Grindhouse she thinks they are. But Smash quickly tells her that "that's not a good idea." When Lyla protests that Smash isn't Waverly's father, Smash blurts "She's bi-polar" and then says she's off her meds. Lyla, quietly, "I didn't know" and Smash sinks into the booth across from her.

Out along some rural road, Coach stands crankily next to Buddy's SUV while the latter relieves himself against a tree. Coach is still demanding to know about the cash gifts, Buddy is still not answering. A tactic that he will come to regret, because in an attempt to change the subject away from cash gifts, Buddy asks Coach what his Plan B is for where they're going to play Friday's game. Coach sort of looks around and then realizes he's gazing at a wide open field, in front of which is posted a small sign saying "For Lease." Coach Taylor shakes his head, starts to laugh to himself, and then says to Buddy, "C'mon, let's go get a beer." It's the spirit of the season, folks! You just watch and see that little tree grow magnificent!

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