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He Builds It, And They Come

Landry is helping Tyra with algebra. They banter as she works on a square root problem. I would make fun of the fact that a senior in high school is doing square roots, but I am getting rather senior in LIFE and I don't know shit about square roots any more. Though I do know a lot about poststructuralism, go figure. Tyra sarcastically suggests that if Landry loves math so much he should start a math club. Landry says he already did but nobody showed up for his club. Awwww. He teases her that her bitterness is not helping them much, even though he's glad she's talking to him at all, he thinks they should concentrate and solve for x. She looks up and says, brightly "X is 49!" He sinks in his chair, looking disappointed for a second before breaking into a smile and saying "You got it right!" She chucks her pencil at him and tells him not to tease her like that. Somehow these two are, like, launching past Cute!Overload and into Death By Cuteness zone. Tyra smiles and says "Hey, if you're not doing anything this Friday-- " and Landry interrupts and says "Yes!" before she finishes, saying "maybe we could study some?" and Landry echoes, "Yes, study." When Tyra says "Great, it's a date" the camera zooms on Landry's face, which is just priceless in its utter inability to believe! A! Date! With! Tyra! Collette!

Coach runs into his house and tells Tami to get up and come with him. We cut to The Field of Dreams, where Tami stands, as if she has raided my closet, in grey yoga pants and black Chuck Taylors. She's playing devil's advocate, wondering where people would park, where the lights would go, where they'd pee. For every question, Coach has no answers. For every question, the cow standing immediately behind Connie Britton has nothing but dumb blinking. Coach tells his wife that the cows agree with him that it's a good idea, and -- as if the cows were in on this whole Friday Night Lights innovation through improvisation thing, Jason Katims I APPLAUD YOU -- a cow moos and moves toward Britton. She laughs and sort of skips away. Eric dejectedly tells his wife that his players are receiving money, that the whole town is money hungry. He asks her to close her eyes. She does and he places his hands on either side of her face, asking her to imagine she's ten years old, "just playing. I just want to play football." She smiles and says she knows, and now we know that it is on. As Eric walks off saying he's going to get some blankets, she cries out "Buddy Garrity's head's gonna explode! I LOVE IT!" saving me from having to exclaim the same exact thing. Connie Britton, call me. We clearly need to have a beer.

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