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He Builds It, And They Come

Hardware store. Coach walks in with a group of players and instructs them to get: twenty cans of orange spray paint, twenty bags of chalk, all the dirt they can find, spades, and 2 or 3 metal rakes. Wow, it's pretty easy to build a football field it seems! Where's the balsa wood, though? Matt wonders what they are doing there, and Coach tells them they're gonna build a football field. Smash groans but Tim smiles and tells him to "just embrace the suck for once."

Coach spies Jason over by the WD-40, which, uh, okay. Coach offers to help but Jason uses one of those telescoping grabber things to grab a can. Coach asks what's been up, and he responds "not much." And I actually do have to go back to look up when the last time they talked was, which was it really here? I might be missing another conversation, but still it was a long time ago. Coach exposits that he'll see Jason later that night at the settlement hearing. Jason is all hunched over and abject-seeming and sort of mutters that he isn't looking forward to it. Coach says he actually is, if it will put an end to the law suit that has proceeded in this show as most law suits do -- lots of boring talking about it, not much juicy drama. On the other side of the store, the boys are, like, knocking rakes over and Coach leaves to go supervise.

Lyla knocks on a door until she gets a dull "Yeah" from inside. Jason is lying on the couch watching TV. He asks and she gets him a glass of water. She wonders why he hasn't called, and he says he's been busy. She says it doesn't look like he's busy and starts in on him, but Jason just seriously explodes. He screams about how overwhelmed he is, he's got a cheating girlfriend, parents splitting up, a stupid lawsuit, he lost quad rugby, and on and on until he finishes with, "And this cup is way too full, you know I'll spill it." At first I thought this was metaphorical, but he is actually referring to the cup of water she got him, which she promptly grabs and throws on his face, which frankly, is an awesome way to make the metaphorical literal. Lyla then takes her time screaming about how hard it is for her to help him in and out of the chair. He yell-asks why she does it then, and she pretty much trumps him here, "Because I love you, stupid, but now you're sitting here feeling sorry for yourself and acting like a jerk. You want to play rugby? Find another team. You hate this lawsuit so much? Find a way to make it go away. Next time you want a glass of water? Say please." Wow. She grabs her coat and storms out, leaving Jason to pretty much feel like an ass.

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