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He Builds It, And They Come

Toyota Tundra! Buddy wants us to look at one. Meanwhile, Coach is digging like a madman while the field around him is under construction. Buddy is demanding to know what this is all about. Coach tells him that it's just about playing football "minus the crap." Buddy asks if Coach is just trying to make a statement, and Coach agrees that, yes, he is making a statement. Buddy lectures Eric, saying that the semifinals is not the time to make a statement, that if Taylor is just interested in making history, if he doesn't care about Dillon because he's seemingly headed to TMU, Buddy doesn't like any of that one bit. Taylor just fixes him with the eyes of Shut up, Buddy.

Landry wants to know why Matt is snickering, that "she said 'date'." Matt reminds his friend -- who is in the barber's chair getting spiffed up -- that "it's a date" is an expression, "it's a colloq-i-al-ism." That ten-dollar word comes rolling off of Matt's tongue like a large block of concrete. The old man barber asks Landry what this girl's name is. And, since we've confirmed that my lovely, fictional Bess, she of the famously long legs, was indeed a real Texan woman who really worked at the jewelry store, let's wonder what long road this barber traveled down to find himself playing himself in a beautifully shot and written television show. I'm thinking it probably has something to do with Memphis, and with some years spent doing bad, those years the only way he could know how to really do right. There was probably also a steel guitar involved, and lots of cigarettes, and his name would most likely be Gil.

Landry tells Matt that he's ready to stop being a supporting actor, that he wants to break out as a leading man. He tells Matt that this is going to be a big night for them, so Matt might as well accept it. Matt deadpans that it'll be a huge night, that maybe they'll square some numbers and solve a quadratic equation. Landry snarks back at his friend, but then turns serious and tells Matt that he's going to "declare [him]self to her." Matt looks kind of concerned, like he knows this isn't going to turn out like Landry wants. Landry closes out the scene by instructing the barber -- "Carl" in the show -- "not too tight. I don't want to look all frayed for my lady." I don't know exactly what he's talking about, but it seems he's trying to avoid the High and Tight, so whatever it is, I'm all for it.

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