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He Builds It, And They Come

Lyla drives Waverly, and they are in mid-gossip about boys. Lyla pauses and then takes a breath and then out of the blue just informs Waverly that that Mrs. Taylor is a great person to talk to. Waverly knows what's up and asks, "Did Smash talk to you?"

Drive-by shot of "Fran's Hamburgers," which we can now finally establish is the joint that isn't the Alamo Freeze or Applebees. Smash is inside eating with some friends. Waverly knocks on the window next to his booth. He gets up and goes to her. She cries in disbelief "You told Lyla Garrity that I'm bi-polar?!" Smash erupts, saying that he loves her but that he can't handle all this on his own. That she's not taking her meds and she's doing things to endanger herself and everyone around her. He says he'd do anything for her, but keeping all this to himself is unfair, too much for him to handle. He suggests that she talk to someone but she says that she can't talk to her dad. Smash suggests his mother. "She's a nurse. She knows you. She can help." Waverly doesn't really respond, and Smash, voice cracking, says "Baby, I don't think you're okay. And you can stay mad at me, but it's not going to change my mind." Pause. "About anything I just said." Presumably referring also to his loving her. Waverly walks past him, dissolving into helpless sobs. He walks behind her and hugs her.

At the Playgirl Ranch, Billy asks Tim where he's going. Tim says "To Jackie's." Billy sarcastically wonders if the kid is calling Tim "Daddy" yet. Tim swears that Little Sandy Duncan doesn't know anything yet. Billy, dispensing advice in the only way he can: "Look, I may not have a PhD in Stupid like you do, but this is gonna turn out badly. And hell, it's probably going to turn out badly right around State." Looks like Billy's been in the room during storyboarding.

At the settlement hearing, some legal blah blah blah, some simpering Street parents blah blah blah. Basically, all the legal staff is arguing about how much they'll win when they put Jason on the stand. Jason finally stands up -- uh, metaphorically, ya know -- and says that he isn't some brain-dead idiot who'll never be able to make a living of his own. He yells at his parents that they aren't there to win the lottery and then suggests that he'll just write down a number that he wants. Which he does and then shows to his mother, whispering "takes care of the debt, right? Saves the house?" God, if you had asked me how much money it would take to save my parents' house from foreclosure when I was in high school I probably would have answered "Twenty unicorns and a pot of candy?" Mrs. Street nods, and the number doesn't even get vetted by the Street's counsel or Mr. Street, but just gets handed over to the school's lawyers who say they can live with it. You know who else can live with it? Viewers who don't care to see the inside of a courtroom again anytime soon. Coach stands up, speechless, and just finger guns Jason, who nods in acknowledgment that he's only, like, of a higher ethical order or something.

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