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Jason Street snaps awake at a few minutes to six in the morning, looking pretty surly. Tom Petty snarls on the soundtrack. Jason struggles out of bed and into his wheelchair, and we cut inside the garage as Jason wheels himself in and begins an awesomely gritty workout in the early morning light. Cut to Jason sitting in the shower, exhausted; cut out to the living room where Jason is pawing through a shelf of CDs while his mom gets ready for work. This kid is ramped up. He yells at his mom about where his Nevermind CD is. She suggests that it's in his room. Jason snaps back that it should be "here with the rest of Nirvana." This whole scene is like an early birthday present for me, assuring me that turning thirty-one doesn't mean I'm old if the kids are still doing the Nirvana-angst thing. ["Or that the show is kind of behind the times with what the kids are listening to today. Of course, this is coming from the guy whose high school class worshiped at the feet of Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen. In 1997. So enduring Nirvana love is certainly plausible." -- Joe R] Meanwhile, Jason is really starting to lose it, throwing CDs on the floor and spitting with anger. His mom asks why he's getting so upset, and Scott Porter swings around and shouts, "Cuz I'm CRIPPLED and I want to listen to NIRVANA!!" Can't really argue with that reasoning. Jason declares that he's just going to go get another CD and his mom pleadingly reminds him that the record store is four miles away. Jason just matter-of-factly says that he'd better get going, then.

Cut to Jason wheeling down the overgrown and rarely-used sidewalks of a small Texas town, sweating and out of breath. The camera zooms by him, and he looks small and insignificant, like he's a character in a Frank Norris novel. He stops to pour water from his water bottle over himself. Cut inside the record shop where Jason expertly wheels himself down an aisle and then does this totally awesome flip-turn sort of roundabout to get himself facing the rack of CDs. Beautiful detail, which I'm sure took some work on Porter's part, to develop the character's increasingly natural bearing without his legs. He quickly finds the CD and raises it triumphantly over his head. Some new pop music fades in in the background as he notices Lyla walking down another aisle in the store. He gets a glint in his eyes and it seems all the testosterone of the morning is coalescing into one very good/bad idea.

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Friday Night Lights




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