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Goodbye, Jason
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Billy, Tim, Jason, and Herc continue celebrating their sale of the house. Billy can't get out a decent toast-- "To being bad-ass real estate guys who..." -- so they all just settle on Jason's simple and quick "To money!" Herc wonders what everyone is going to do with the money. Billy is going to tell Mindy she doesn't ever have to shake her ass at The Landing Strip ever again. Herc says he's going to either open an orphanage or see how many margaritas he can buy for fourteen grand. Fourteen grand? I'm thinking it's going to be less "retirement" and more "sabbatical" for Mindy. Then it's Jason's turn. He speedtalks his way through his plan to go to New York, get a job with his friend Grant, and be close to Noah. Herc is like "Who's Grant?" Jason says he's a guy he met once. Oh, dear. Tim's gotten serious, and asks Jason if he's really going to just up and move to New York. Jason tells him he's not going to LIVE in New York; no, he'll live in New Jersey with Erin and Noah and commute in to New York. This plan is really making me depressed for some reason. Tim puts his finger on it: "Why would you want to leave Texas?" Jason tells him it's not about Texas anymore, it's about Erin and Noah. Tim, always ready to just go with it, leans back and asks, "Okay. So when we leaving, Six?"

Katie and Tami flutter through an empty house. Tami loves it, Katie knew she would. Katie tells Tami she'd need to move fast because the house is going on the market in three days. Tami says it's like her dream house, and is everything she and Eric have talked about having one day. Katie says she's going to call the realtor and tell her they want to make an offer. Tami tells her to hold on a minute; Katie looks at her intently and reminds her, "Tami, it's a foreclosure." Tami says the house is a good price, but also tells Katie that it would be a stretch for them financially. Katie does not compute this talk about "finances" and tells Tami to look around: "You deserve this."

Tyra and Cash sit in the back of his pick-up truck discussing him having to go on the road. Cash wants Tyra to come with him, but she reminds him that she has school. Just a few days, Cash unhelpfully requests, and Tyra says she has a college interview that week. Cash tells her that the interview is important. Tyra says that they'll talk on the phone every day and he'll be back soon. Right? Cash unconvincingly agrees, "Yeah, I'll be back."

Football practice. The receivers are stinking up the scene. Matt can't take the incompetence, and yells at Jamarcus, asking if he knows what a post is. He asks Coach if he can show him, and Coach, pissed, says sure, it'll be better than what they've got going out there now. Matt steps in and of course completes a beautiful pass. Mac shouts that that's the way to do it, but then starts to clutch at his chest and sink to the ground. Oh, no. Chicken Fried Steak strikes again. Coach realizes what's happening and runs over to Mac, telling someone to call 911.

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