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Goodbye, Jason

Football field, practice. J.D.'s making the passes, his dad and the Boosters stand around on the sidelines. Coach nonchalantly calls Matt onto the field, telling him to step in as receiver. He jumps in and runs down a beautiful pass. Zoom in on Coach, in hair and face lockdown.

Cut to a state-sponsored advertisement for New Jersey. Tim and Jason ride along in the cab through rolling hills and golden arbors and horses. I think they might have done better to just rent a Zipcar for the day. Seriously? A cab? Even to Summit or someplace close in to the city that looks this nice, this ride has to be a couple of hundred dollars. Anyhow, they both look out the window, each realizing that this is where Jason is going to be living from now on. They pull up to the house and Tim remarks on how nice the neighborhood is -- cute little Cape Cods set along a quiet street -- while getting the wheelchair set up for Jason. Tim helps him in -- the camera once again lingering on his motionless and heavy legs, a nice visual reminder of what we've been through with Jason -- and then quietly says, "Hey, J-Six. Ummm." He starts telling Jason that he hopes he gets everything he wants, but sort of chokes up halfway through and has to start again. He tells Jason that no matter what happens, he'll always be his best friend, and that Jason deserves to be happy. Jason looks teary, and tells Tim thank you. He starts to wheel up to the house, but turns around after a moment and reaches his fist out to Tim: "Texas forever?" Tim laughs and fist bumps him, "Texas forever."

Jason wheels up to the door, What's Her Name just inside the screen coming out, surprised that he's there. Jason asks if she minds if he holds the baby. She hands Noah to Jason, and then kneels down in front of them. Jason tells her that he just got his foot in the door of a sports agency, he's going to be making around $40,000 a year -- "Which I hear isn't much in this neck of the woods." Seriously, you guys. I'm worried about this plan now. Jason continues, telling What's Her Name that he wants her to be able to take some time off and be with Noah, and that he would like to be with her and Noah, if that's what she wants. But if that isn't what she wants, he'll still find a place nearby, not to be a stalker, but to be there for her and for him, because he's not ever going to let the baby down. What's Her Name apparently forgets that the last time we saw her, saying goodbye to Jason, she didn't even say she loved him. Now, she's teary and tells him that she's missed him so much, leans in and kisses him. Cut back to Tim, who leans up against the million-dollar cab, his face full of emotion. Thank you, Tim Riggins, for making this scene. Because who cares about Jason's non-relationship with What's Her Name? Oh, god, the more I think about it, the more depressed I get. Twenty years old, living in New Jersey with this random lady and a baby, dealing with the NJ Transit everyday in a wheelchair? Where are they going to live on $40,000/year? I have so many questions, and feel so nervous, oh this goodbye is not going smoothly for me at all. Sigh. Tim, call me. We can talk it all over.

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