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New York, New York

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Goodbye, Jason

Credits. New York. Tim and Jason strut around the busy city streets. Well, Tim struts and Jason wheels, but they do it in slow motion and set to T. Rex, so the overall effect is "strut." Tim asks Jason what the plan is, and Jason says that the plan is to get a suit and then go to Grant's office. Boys, a suit from Kohl's back home would really have been a better plan. Tim grabs a guy walking past him and asks where he got his suit. Paul Stuart is the answer. Tim goes over to a cab and leans on the driver's window and asks where Paul Stuart is. The cabbie tells him to get off his cab, "jackass." Cut to the boys buying hot dogs from a cart, Tim handing over a hundred dollar bill, the cart guy mumbling something at him in another language. It's just like a Pace Salsa commercial. Though I'm wishing it were a little more Midnight Cowboy. Just sayin', Tim. Cut over to the boys on the subway, talking and laughing together. What an adventure!

That is, until they find Paul Stuart. Tim tells Jason that the suit on the mannequin -- a rather flamboyant pin-striped number -- is the one. They ask the salesman what the damage is, and find out that the imported cashmere woolen suit will run $1885. Jason's face is a hilarious country blank and we cut to a shop sign declaring, "Two suits $125." They sidle up to the suits hanging on the rack outside on the sidewalk, Tim asking Jason if he wants "dark? Or blue?" I love the idea of going out looking for a "dark" suit. Tim prattles about the suit feeling pretty nice, he doesn't know, when Jason starts to panic: "What if she says no, Riggs?" Tim tells Jason that he can play the "what if" game all day; he believes Jason is doing the right thing. Jason is looking at his friend with real trust in his face; he needs to believe that Tim believes in him. The salesman comes out and rattles off about the two suit, two shirt, two tie, free shoe package, and the boys shrug and go for it.

Hospital. Buddy and Coach visit Mac, and tell him to just get better and not worry about anything. They leave the room and the second they're out the door, Buddy is like "Okay, we gotta get a new coach. Here's the deal...." while Coach rubs his head. Buddy suggests that Coach hire Wade -- J.D.'s private coach -- for the position. Coach of course resists because he's tired of being a serf in Joe McCoy's weird football fiefdom. Buddy says he's only suggesting Wade because he's the perfect fit -- he already knows J.D., he knows their spread offense, et cetera. Coach tries to sound tough, telling Buddy to tell the Boosters he'll deal with it in his own way, but everyone knows he's going to have to fold to the pressure once again.

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