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Goodbye, Jason

Tami is talking with Tyra in her office. Tami is excited about the interview Tyra has with Weston College. Apparently Weston holds aside spots every year for students like Tyra, who didn't have the best grades at the beginning of high school, but have shown steady improvement. Tyra looks uncharacteristically abashed, telling Tami quietly that she's excited, too, but not really convincing anyone.

Coach stands in the front yard mindlessly watering the lawn. Matt walks up to hand off some charts to Coach. Coach thanks him, and Matt tries to ask him how Mac is doing, but Coach just starts shouting to Julie in the house over Matt's quiet conversation-making. Matt persists, though, despite Coach's shouting for Julie, asking Coach whether he could move over to receiver. He makes his pitch about knowing the routes and being a better asset to the team on the field as a receiver, but Coach interrupts him. He tells Matt that if he were to get injured, and J.D. were to get injured, that the team would be out a quarterback. Matt hangs his head, then Julie comes out and they go off.

Back in NY, Jason looks sharp in his $65 suit. Cut inside of Grant's office. The receptionist is a bit chilly, "Do you have an appointment, Mr. Street?" Jason is taken aback, and she tells him to call back and make an appointment. He explains to her that Grant told him to stop by if he was ever in NY and, through a combination of sweetness, Southern charm, and the wheelchair, he gets her to call back. On the other side of the phone, Grant clearly doesn't remember his name, so Jason tells the receptionist to tell him he's Wendell Foley's friend. Grant comes out of the office and asks what Jason's doing there. This is not a good start. Grant asks him to come back with him to chat for a minute. Cut inside where Jason nervously tells him that he'd been thinking about what Grant told him, that being a sports agent is so great, blah, blah, blah, until Grant interrupts him, "Just stop, son. Listen to yourself." Jason starts stammering, telling him that he could start at the bottom. Grant tells him that he's living in a dream world, this isn't Dillon where you can get a job at the car dealership just because you know the Boosters. He informs Jason that the people applying for entry-level positions are Harvard graduates. And then we get a sense of why he's being so harsh to Jason. Grant tells him that it was a miracle he got where he is, and it'll be a miracle if he can stay. Wendell screwed him over, signed with another, bigger agency, and didn't even call him. Grant tells Jason the only reason he let him in the office was to find out some information about Wendell. "Welcome to New York City, son." Man. It's hard out there for a good ole boy.

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