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Goodbye, Jason

Commercials. Tami feeds Gracie, Coach stews in the background about hiring Wade. Tami advises Coach that replacing Mac with Wade wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Coach is not too happy with her lack of enthusiasm for wallowing and stewing with him. He puts down some food in front of her, she thanks him (THESE TWO!), and then she says she wanted to talk to him about something. Tami tells him about the house she went to see, and that she knows they haven't talked about it for a long time, but she walked in the house and thought "this is our future." Coach goes from stewing to pissed in about 10 seconds flat, and somehow intuits that the McCoys have something to do with this. "Did you find this house by yourself?" But Tami isn't taking any of his conspiracy theory shit, saying "Well, yeah. You know she dabbles in real estate." As all leisured ladies seem to do. Tami tries to ratchet Coach back a little, saying she just wants him to go and look at it with her this week.

In New York, Tim and Jason make their way among the throngs in Times Square. They're feeling right at home there, what with the Applebee's and such. Jason is doing some wallowing himself, saying he can't believe what he just did, and that the only reason Grant let him in his office was because he remembered the wheelchair, "All anyone ever remembers about me is the wheelchair." Tim tells him to drop the violin and take a minute to soak up being in Times Square. Tim thwaps the paper he has in his hand and says that what they have tonight is Gypsy. "It's got strippers in it." Jason tells him his life is falling apart; he doesn't want to go to a Broadway show. Tim leans in, reading from the paper, "You feel you are watching a woman who is peeled down to her unadorned Id," stumbling a bit over the word "unadorned." Jason yells at him, "RIGGS!" and then says that nothing is going to make him feel better other than having Noah in his arms, and that isn't going to happen any time soon. God, buzzkill. Tim isn't standing for this, and tells Jason that if he wants his boy in his arms, he needs to go grab Wendell and bring him back to the agency to sign. "You're the only person that can do that. And you know what you're going to get out of that? A job." Tim Riggins is downright WISE sometimes you guys! Jason goes over it again verbally and realizes what a good plan it is -- "That's brilliant!" Jason declares that's what they'll be doing tomorrow. "Right after Gypsy tonight," Tim responds.

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