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Goodbye, Jason

Practice. The boys file off the field. J.D. goes up to Wade and asks if he's ready to practice more. Wade tells J.D. that they'll forego extra practice for the day, and go get something to eat instead. Little Abused J.D. is like "Really? Really?" and scampers off to the locker room. Coach comes up behind and asks Wade to take it easy on J.D., give him some rest right now. Wade tells Coach that's exactly what he's doing. Coach takes a breath and asks Wade what he thinks about coming on as assistant coach. Wade is into it, but Coach sternly tells him that it's only temporary and if it happens, J.D. can have no special treatment. Wade extends his hand, and they shake on it.

Matt and Julie walk down the road together. Matt asks Julie if her dad is mad at him. He feels like ever since Matt yelled at him, Coach has been holding a grudge or something. Julie tells Matt that her father is just really stubborn, and all you need to do is just be persistent. She says it works for her; Matt asks, "doesn't it get annoying?" and Julie is like "son, let me introduce you to the Teen Girl's Parental-Whittling Toolkit."

Tyra in a waiting room. Her phone rings just as a woman comes out to tell her to come on back. Tyra commits the first mistake, asking if she can take the call first. The woman looks displeased, but says fine. Tyra goes into the hallway to talk with Cash. Cash "baby girls" her this, and "I'll miss you" that, and Tyra meeps out her question, "Are you gonna be faithful to me?" Cash tries to laugh the question off, but Tyra's silence prompts him to be honest. He tells her he'll be gone a long time, and there's going to be a lot of cold, lonely nights. What is this, a Journey song? He says he's going to "try" to be faithful to her, because he loves her. Ooooo, this Cash, he makes me soooo mad! Tyra tears up but just tells him she has to go to her interview. He wishes her good luck. She walks into the woman's cubicle and sits down. The woman asks her to tell her about herself and Tyra starts, warbling voiced, "I'm from Dillon. I'm seventeen. And, I would love to go to college."

Commercials. Tyra walks into Tami's office and asks if she heard from Weston College. Tami is bright and positive, telling Tyra that she thinks the interview went "fine," they won't know anything until after winter break, so Tyra needs to keep on with the application process. Then she puts the nail in the brightly-colored coffin: "This interview process is a learning experience." Tyra can read between the lines, and she sort of sulks out of the office.

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