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Goodbye, Jason

Football practice. Wade is running some kind of drill that Matt is included in. Coach stalks over because his sole aim in life is to make Matt's miserable. He asks what Wade is doing, and Wade jabbers something about running some drills he picked up at a USC camp and the boys like it. Coach asks what Matt's doing over there and tells Wade the risks of him getting injured. Wade tells Coach he isn't playing Matt "live" -- he won't let him get hurt. Coach instructs Matt to get his red shirt back on.

Coach walks out of the locker room to find Joe McCoy lying in annoying wait for him. If Coach's hair is sometimes suave, sometimes frustrated, sometimes full of joy, Joe McCoy's hair is like a cloud of gnats, Urkel, and a run in your stocking, i.e., just ANNOYING. McCoy tells Coach that he's glad Coach put their differences aside and hired Wade. Coach looks horrified, and then just nods his head, deciding the cloud of gnats isn't even worth a swat. "Good" he remarks, and then walks off.

Tami walks Coach through her dream house while the realtor -- the sole realtor in Dillon apparently -- sits off to the side. Tami trills and loves and imagines, "You could throw the ball back there with Jules." Coach deadpans, "Is that our Julie, or are we going to have another one?" Heh. Tami tells him he knows what she means and then speaks his language, "We could have the barbecue here? You know?" Coach is in lockdown, and Tami draws him aside. He whispers to her, "We cannot afford this." Tami whispers back that she knows it's a stretch, and Coach whisper-interrupts to repeat, "We can't afford it." They whisper-escalate about whether or not they are or not having a conversation, and then about what would happen if either of them lost their job, and then about whether or not Coach is being pessimistic or realistic in bringing up the possibility of job loss, and on and on until the whispering is approaching Batman levels of whisper screaming. Tami tells him they need to think of their lives, not think of all this doom and gloom that keeps them in one place always. She says this is their dream house. Coach points out, "You just said 'our'" and then says that his side of "our" says "no." Tami tells him to not just say no. He asks if he should then say yes, and she says no, you shouldn't just say yes either. The realtor is off to the side, not realizing that she bought tickets to Revolutionary Road, and Coach walks off. Tami throws her hands up, and gives a little embarrassed, "Sorry" to the realtor.

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Friday Night Lights




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