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Goodbye, Jason

Tim and Jason are on the campus of Penn A&M, going after Wendell. Tim points out that if this all works out, Jason is going to have to live here. "You know, for good." Jason asks if it bothers Tim a little, and Tim just smiles and brushes the implication aside. Jason assures him that he'll be back to Dillon to visit, and then takes off to go find Wendell in his dorm room. Cut to Jason giving Wendell the hard sell, going on about how the bigger, fancier agency will just look at him as a paycheck, as another BMW in the garage. He argues that he needs someone young, smart, and ambitious, someone who is going to put all his heart into making Wendell, because in making Wendell, this person will make himself. Jerry Effing Maguire, this one, with the sports agency manifesto. Jason continues, telling Wendell that Grant is going to work harder for him because Wendell is going to put dinner on Grant's table, is going to be his kids' college fund. "When success is essential to keeping your family together, there's nothing a man won't do." I feel like I wish we could keep following Jason's story far enough for him to find out this weird "a man's family" stuff doesn't actually work in the real world for real adults. I mean, it's sweet and all, but come on, this is a lesson this kid needs to learn. Jason tells Wendell to just give Grant a call. Wendell asks Jason what's in it for him; Jason tells him that he wants Grant to give him a job, but also that he wants Wendell to succeed, that he could have just gone home without a job, realizing Wendell was making a mistake but not really doing anything about it. "But you know me. I couldn't do that." Wendell: "Jason. There's no one else like you, man."

Commercials. Jason, Tim, and Wendell in Grant's waiting room. This time, Jason's not in a suit. Grant comes out, all surprised, and Wendell tells him that Jason brought him in. Grant smiles and jokes with Wendell a bit, asking him to come back to talk. He pauses and then turns to Jason and says that he needs him back there, too. Jason and Tim exchange glances, and Jason wheels after Grant, Tim realizing that it's now a done deal.

Taylor's, dinner. Matt is over, and compliments Tami's chicken. Tami snarks that it's nice to be complimented over a dinner one's slaved over. Coach snarks back that he told her before it was a really nice meal. Julie realizes that no time is like the present when it comes to annoying your already-annoyed parents, and asks her father why he won't let Matt play receiver. Coach declares they don't talk football at dinner; Matt tries to get Julie to stop, but she's on a roll, brushing aside her father's disingenuous claim -- "We talk football at breakfast, lunch, and dinner" -- and then says all they are doing is being a family, talking about work. Coach's hair looks like "What hath I wrought in this girl?" Julie could give Jason Street a run for his sports agent money, telling her father that Matt deserves the chance, he's done so much for the Panthers, it's his senior year, he knows all the routes, and thinks like a QB. Tami, at the other end of the table, just shrugs at her husband. Coach tries to change the subject to the house they can't afford, but Matt senses that this man has so much on his plate right now, he's the family-man equivalent to an injured gazelle: "I do know the routes better than anyone." Matt says that he'll prove it; they should go outside and Coach can call ten routes, he'll make them all, and if he doesn't they never have to talk about it again. Coach decides to put an end to it -- he either needs to escape the death grip of these teens, or rise up against them -- and says okay, if Matt misses one, they never talk about it again, if he doesn't, Coach will think about it. "That's it." They head outside.

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