Friday Night Lights
New York, New York

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Goodbye, Jason

Out on the street. Coach sets Matt up while the ladies look on, cheering for Matt. Pass after pass, Matt makes the catches. Coach starts coaching him a bit -- not just antagonizing him -- telling him to keep his arms in, pick up his feet. Matt asks him if he's doing good, which just about breaks my heart, and Coach says "Yeah" but then needles him about looking a little slow. Matt needles him back, saying he just hasn't been using his legs much on the bench. Coach continues calling routes, Matt continues making them. It's nine out of nine, and we get set up for the last pass. Matt runs down the street, and Coach throws long... and Matt just misses it. Close-up on Coach who looks disappointed that Matt didn't make it, and then Matt slinking back toward the group. Coach reaches out to shake his hand and says, "It was a piss poor pass. I'll think about it." Coach and Tami head inside, and Julie breaks into a wide grin at Matt. Cut over to Coach and Tami, walking in, Coach asking under his breath if they've got aspirin in the house, Tami remarking, "You haven't thrown like that in years." Ha. So, he's less injured gazelle, and more aging lion, all roar and achy limbs. Behind them, Julie and Matt flirt and joke, Julie asking if, as his girlfriend, she's entitled to ten percent of his future earnings. No, Julie. Boys get paid to be agents, girls just get to do it for the love of a good man.

Tyra sits at home, looking at a list of colleges she needs to apply to, and then crumples up the list. You know what might help Tyra? GIRLFRIENDS. Jesus. Where are this girl's girlfriends? Cut to Cash walking up to her front door, presumably to say goodbye. She opens the door and comes down the steps with a couple of packed bags, declaring that she's coming with him. Cash kisses her and then asks what she's doing about school. She says "who cares" and then tells him to hurry up before she changes her mind. LADIES. Seriously. I need these ladies to step it up a bit this season; there is far too much man attending-to going on.

Tami and Coach are in bed, Coach asleep, Tami awake. She leans over and turns on the lamp on his side of the bed and tells him she can't stop thinking about the house. She apologizes for maybe handling the issue wrong, but says she thinks they need to just do this together as a couple, and a family. She asks if he'll go back to the house and think about it together, think about what they want for their lives and their finances, together. Coach sleepily agrees, and Tami happily flumps back onto her pillow.

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Friday Night Lights




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