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Goodbye, Jason

Commercials. Back at the house, the realtor prattles and buzzes on and on. Tami entertains her babbling, until Coach asks her to just give them a second to talk it over. "Just a little breathing room?" She leaves and Coach exhales once they are alone, "God, she talks so much!" Tami tells Coach to not let her turn him off from the house. Tami looks excited while Coach paces and paces. She lets out a giggle; he keeps pacing and looks like he's considering it. She asks him how great it would be, and he stops pacing. He tells her that as much as he would like to give her the house, give the kids this house, they cannot do this. He tells her that if they got the house, he would not sleep at night. "I would go crazy." Tami is quiet for a moment and then tells him that she doesn't need the house. She has him, and Julie, and Grace, and the best life. She doesn't need the house. She tells him that she appreciates him coming and looking and being honest; all she wanted was for them to make the decision together.

You guys, I'm torn here. My feminism does not believe that women always need to be in charge, nor that we necessarily need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to gender roles. Lord knows, I rarely take the trash out to the dumpster, and sometimes my eyes are bigger than our wallet and my husband reminds me of it. But this episode is making me a little annoyed. Jason's desire to be near his son (an admirable desire, to be sure) getting filtered through this shriveled "a man's gotta take care a his family" thing, and then all these women kind of simpering and fluttering around. This scene between Tami and Coach is particularly hard, because it feels very real, and I appreciate that. There is an authenticity about how this marriage works. But, there's a line between trying to reflect "how it is" (realism -- what we love about this show, right?) and relying on worn-out old truisms, and I feel like maybe this episode crosses that line a bit.

Stepping off soapbox now. Tim and Jason are in a cab, Jason rehearsing what he's going to say to What's Her Name when he shows up on her doorstep. "I got a job, and want to live with you, and Noah, if you'll have me... No, no, that's not right" and the like. Tim listens quietly, and then says, seriously, "Jason, I'm pregnant." Jason asks him what the hell he's talking about, and Tim explains that he was just "being your gal," asking Jason what he'll do if she throws him a curve ball like that. The cab takes the exit onto the 1 and 9, heading from NYC to Jersey. Oh, the 1 and 9, how much I have not missed you over the past decade.

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