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On the UT campus, stupid Derek collars Julie as she walks by, "Hey, football!" Classy right there. This guy really gets under my skin. He admits that she was right, that he Googled the game and found that it was a 36 throwback in the game. Julie snarks that he trusts Google more than her. He tells her that if they HAD bet, she would have won, so he wants to take her to coffee. She says sure and then tells him her name is Julie, not "football." JULIE TAYLOR I KNOW YOU ARE NOT ASKING MY ADVICE BUT PLEASE MAKE SOME FRIENDS YOUR OWN AGE. Do not hang out with this sad, bitter, poor, and obviously blustery grad student who is just going to make you listen to his Anthology of American Folk Music every Saturday night while making you wait until 10 p.m. to eat dinner because it isn't "cosmopolitan" to eat earlier than that.

Vince has brought his mother to Bob Short's Gardening Supply company to apply for a job. He asks her about the blank in her resume -- presumably when she was addicted to drugs, jobless, and then in rehab -- and she demurs that she just had some problems. She comes out a bit later and hugs her son; she's gotten the job.

Game day. Coach is sporting some particularly Rebel Heart sort of hair as he looks up into the crowd that is gathered to cheer for this team that has all the odds stacked against it. He heads into the locker room, where everyone is milling about nervously. He pats Luke on the shoulder and then, without speaking, goes to the whiteboard and writes "State" on it. No words from Coach, only a building rumble of PSYCHEDUPNESS from the kids until he corrals their energy, "Let's go!!"

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