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Daddy Issues
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Previously, Matt Saracen made out with his horrific Rally Girl right in front of Julie, acquainting her finally with the concept of "consequences," and Riggins got thrown off the team, but still didn't really make the connection. Santiago got passed from Lyla to Buddy to Eric, like that sexy virus called Responsibility. Landry's dad set fire to the GMC evidence of his crime, thus showing that sometimes, neither consequences or responsibility are really something anybody's going to talk you into taking on for yourself.

Now, it's 6:40 in the morning, and the recruiter circus has come to town, folks: it's "the first day that college recruiters are officially allowed" to talk to individual players. Smash wakes up and starts with his morning routine of pushups, free weights, and sending himself mental valentines about how awesome he is. Of course, everybody in town wants to know how things are going with him, because he's the only person on the team whose storyline even tangentially involves football. Which, frankly, I like that, because his stories were very uneven last year, and mostly he was just a dick, but having him be the baseline player guy -- steroids, recruiters, going pro v. graduating college -- makes him a lot more sympathetic than just having him stand around being rude. So it's not even seven and already the people are calling and getting on Mama's nerves, so she hangs up on a few of them, but finally little sis Noannie brings Smash the phone. He tells her to take a message and she reminds him that she's not his PA, which he agrees is a good thing, because she's not getting paid in dollars: "The Smash train is pulling out the station; you better hang on, before you lose your seat." She rolls her eyes, but he's laughing cutely as he answers the phone.

Tami's awful sister made some pancakes, for which Julie does not pine, because she's already busy whining and lying in bed thinking about how stupid it was to let Matt Saracen go. Everybody's getting ready to leave, and Julie's having yet another meltdown about him, and even Tami is like, "Seriously." Oh, Tami, you are going to wish you still had it that simple by the end of the day.

Over at the Saracen house, Carlota gets out of the shower and runs into Matt in the hallway, and starts yelling at him. This makes Matt...way less jumpy than you might think. He just kind of grins and apologizes. This newfound confidence is, like, thing number one billion of the things about Matt Saracen.

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