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Daddy Issues

Left alone, Tami starts in on Eric with a quickness, and like any scene between the two of them, it's the best thing in the world. Eric's like, "Don't whisper-yell at me, don't whisper-yell at me please," and she's like, "You brought Buddy Garrity into my office? First of all. And now you're suggesting that Santiago -- that poor child -- is going to live with Buddy Garrity? We're not selling puppies, here." Eric agrees, but dismisses her appeals to his sanity and Social Services by pointing out that Santiago has spent most of his young life falling through a series of cracks, so how great is the protocol she's so excited about? Tami sees through this, though, and calls him out for trying to sell her on what is admittedly a pretty terrifyingly ill-advised idea, just to get the kid on the team. Eric gets very offended about this, and quickly changes thrust to how, in the system, they won't be able to take care of him or make sure he's okay, whereas with Buddy -- who is constantly showing up so they'll feed him, tie his shoes, or otherwise help him with his life anyway -- they'll always know where Santiago is and whether he has lived through another day. It's persuasive.

Tyra and Lyla stare at the gaping wasteland of emptiness that is the Pantherama volunteer list, and Tyra gets that scary look in her eyes, and drags Lyla into the men's locker room. Smart girl. She tells them all to shut up, and asks Lyla why they're there. "We're here because nobody signed up for Pantherama," Lyla shouts, loving it, because she's awesome and strong, but is also comfortable with following somebody's lead, which is rare, and one of the reasons Lyla's my favorite character after Street. She has humility. Tyra grows to three times her normal size, all, "NOBODY!" She tells them that tradition dictates that the players provide the entertainment, which makes sense because all Pantherama is, is the boys putting on a big stupid show. "Listen up, ladies! Lyla and I have a job to do, so let's make this easy on everybody." She grabs a hot freshman and gives him the signup sheet. "We're going to be spending...a lot of time with, um, what's your name?" His name is Carter, and he now has the biggest boner in all the world. She runs her hand across his back and the boys all start hooting like crazy jackals. I wish Tyra were president of the United States, she would get everything done so fast. "Lyla and I are gonna be spending a whole week with you. Anybody else?" The insane group lunge for the signup sheet is so intense and violent that Tyra barely gets out of there alive. Lyla stares at Tyra and falls in love with her for like the sixth time.

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