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Daddy Issues

Matt drives up in his brand new car and he's proud, but of course downplaying it past humility and on into weirdness, and Grandma and Carlotta are all over it, being hilarious and excited about it. Grandma starts yelling about how she wants to go for a drive, and Matt charms Carlotta into the car, promising he's a good driver. Matt Saracen, come to my house! Drive me to the Sonic! I will buy you a Route 44 Coke and we will talk about life. I want to spend the rest of my life driving around in Matt's stupid car.

Mama comes into Smash's room and he apologizes for bringing somebody for dinner without warning, and she's like, "Yes, you are dead for that, but I'm going to be nice so you go to Whitmore." He's like, "No, didn't you listen to that awful, sketchy girl with her sweepstakes lies? I may have already won!" Mama points out that Smash was, as usual, rude to the nice man; that Smash, as usual, totally bagged on the very nice gift of a full academic scholarship; that Smash, as usual, waltzed into the house with a crazy white girl and has decided that she is a prophet. He's like, "Wait, back up. Is this about the white girl thing?" She can't say no, because that wouldn't exactly be true either, but it's number like fifty-five on the list of what this is about, and besides, it's only important that she's white for reasons having to do with Smash, not with Mama, so instead she's like, "Why don't you try and tell me what it's about?" He has zero answers beyond, admittedly, everything he's already said a hundred times in the last year.

Mama tears down the Porsche poster and waggles it around in the air. "Is this why you play?" Which is a valid question, too, so he retreats to his place of wisdom like always, about how she doesn't know the recruitment game or how it works. Like she's just this superstitious old woman that suspects everybody of things and wants him to go to Whitmore because she's stupid. And like, even if you could climb into the screen with them, you still couldn't get them to hear each other, and it's awful. I've always thought Smash is only interesting when he's knocking heads with women, with Mama and Waverly, because his arrogance is so much easier to pinpoint and pop at those moments, and he knows it. She's like, "I don't know how it works? I know that every day is another chance for you to end up like Jason Street." Which is...effective. Street's like the 9/11 of everybody on this show, still. And since that's the only time this week that the show will admit he exists, I'm going to take a moment, because I love Jason Street more than anybody in the whole world, and I want to grow up to be him, and it is late in the day for me to be picking my heroes, but there it is. I admire him so much that I wish he would stand up and walk around, so I could feel less weird about loving him so much, because it seems like a wheelchair thing, and it is really not. You know? So anyway, Smash gives the only defense you can really give to the #06 Combination Attack, which is that you need to stop handing him No and start giving him some Yes, about anything at all, because if you say "Jason Street" three times in a dark room, you immediately get paralyzed, and when you're on the field you aren't allowed to even think it. "Nobody holds me back!" She stalks off again, like they haven't had this fight a billion times, and Smash gets super weird, in a Beautiful Mind kind of way, about sticking the poster back on the wall, and getting it just right.

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Friday Night Lights




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