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Carlotta watches Matt dancing awkwardly in the living room, through the screen door. Somehow, she's able to shake it off and come inside, praising his "moves." He mumbles and stumbles and tells her to shut up like a thousand times, awesomely, and explains about how he has to dance at Pantherama. What's Pantherama? "This thing you have to take my Grandma to. Tomorrow night." He tells her about Tyra and Lyla's stupid (-ly wonderful) dance, and how they "somehow" decided that he needs to be in the front row, for reasons that remain mysterious to him, and that they have to take their shirts off. It all makes him very uncomfortable. Carlotta's all, "Like The Full Monty?" Already pulling out her wallet. He's like, "Oh God." He stretches out mournfully on the couch and vows to call in sick, and she's like, no. "If you are going to dance in front of people, you have to own it." (This actress makes this character into something that is not offensive. I feel the same way about Santiago. On paper, this is so not cool, and I say this as the obsessive/recapper of Gossip Girl, the inventor of "inclusion as insult," but they make the characters so real and sympathetic and appealing that I don't even notice.) She asks for a demonstration and as usual, Matt Saracen is adorable, and then things get very contrived, so you can fill in the blanks: she's like, "I am Latina and I know how to loosen up and have fun," and he's like, "I am a small-town white boy and I am afraid of the wild stallions of my sensuality," and she's like, "Put your hands on my fiery hips," and he's like, "But why? I am so innocent," and then he does that thing again where he just clicks into being a man, and starts smoldering directly at her, and it is so, so awesome.

Mama Williams sings and does the dishes, and Smash comes in, looking sweet and repentant, and she hugs him and laughs, and they are super sweet. So of course Smash drops the hammer that Whitmore is out of the running. Which sucks on many levels, but I am not so clueless that I am going to lecture you on why HBCs are awesome, even in the world of today. He explains to her his very valid side of all of this, Street aside, again: he's going pro, there is no chance he's not going pro, he needs to surround himself with people who believe that, because there's only one way he can get what he wants. And even if she can't see it, or is minimizing it, that one thing he wants is to save all of his family at the same time, because his father was a trifling man and is now dead, so he has to save them all at the same time, because that's the only option he has, and all of her No does real damage to the future Smash that is going to do these things, who exists in his head. Future Smash that would cause him to do really awful, horrible things, like steroids and lying about money for steroids and robbing God for steroids. Smash is a good boy. He drives me nuts, but I do like him, and that's why: it's never been about his glory. He's so sold on himself that he has as much glory, right this second, than he could ever want or need. Waverly proved that. It's not about glory, it's about getting there. And possibly Porsches, but mostly Super Future Smash, which is what makes this so hard, because he's wrong by being right. He tells her also that in order to preserve Super Future Smash, she's not invited to any more recruitment meetings. Well, there's not a way to take that well, but she does okay.

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Friday Night Lights




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