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Daddy Issues

Landry and Tyra lounge against a wall in the middle of just God and everybody discussing their murder. Tyra is mildly overjoyed to hear about the car-bombing, and Landry's like, "Except for how my dad is a cop and also my hero, and he just did an evil thing to cover my ass, which makes me feel insane." Tyra's like, "I have never had a role model or a hero of any kind so I don't really understand what you are talking about. I was raised by wolves, dude." He agrees that it's not great to talk to her about it, but they both kind of shiver about how they still only have each other to depend on about this, even though they broke up. Or I should say, "broke" "up," based on their totally sexy guilty smiles about how they are still totally BFF and can't do anything about it. Tami comes running up and steals Tyra just as Landry was about to do something, touch her or say something not having to do with rape and murder, something cuter than those subjects, and he's like, "Great. Later." Tami is so wonderfully harried this morning, it's hysterical; she just keeps jabbering and not breathing and directing people places. She calls over her shoulder, "Good to see you, Randy!" I wonder if he even notices when people do that anymore.

Tami talks about how if you ever have any problems, go immediately to Tyra Collette, and she's like, "I need a go-getter! I need two go-getters!" and ushers Lyla over. There are few things I love more than the contrived "now you have to work together and get over yourselves" story, but this one is awesome because it's not like they have this huge rivalry anymore, so it's just like, "X thing happens so that the powers of Lyla and Tyra will be unleashed." It literally does not matter what Tami wants, the whole point is that Lyla and Tyra are both magic, alone or together. Tami continues firing her cokehead monologue at both of their heads, all about how Pantherama is this huge drag that is slowly killing her and so she can manage either the "entertainment" or the silent auction, but not both, and with Tyra's skills in party promotion and general havoc-wreaking, and Lyla's ability to make things happen simply by thinking really hard about it, plus their varied skills in dancing and/or making a huge spectacle of themselves, make them perfect for the entertainment. Tyra babbles about how she is really studying hard, and Lyla babbles about Christian activities, and Tami takes them both on so perfectly. "Oh, honey. You are not using Jesus Christ, Our Lord, as an excuse not to help your counselor, are you?" Bested, Lyla smiles sweetly and gives in; Tyra's even more of a pushover because she loves Tami Taylor more than anybody on earth whose name isn't Taylor. She yaks at length about nothing at all and then wanders off, still talking to herself and acting crazy, and the girls just grin at each other.

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Friday Night Lights




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