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So on the one hand, I want to give you a straight recap and no bullshit, but on the other hand, I really want to tell you how much I love this show and why, so we're stuck. I made it five pages, though, and that's something. Okay. I love this show because I went to Robert E. Lee High School in Midland, Texas, which is the rival school of Permian, which is Dillon. What that means is, my school is the same as this school, in terms of the football craziness. My friend Ali was like, "Is this like a Greek chorus thing, or do they really have radio shows about high school football?" and I was like, "Try entire radio channels." Now, you know me, I am a bad-ass kickball player but I still don't entirely understand how football works. But there were like 500 people in my graduating class. I'm more comfortable in Dillon than I would be at the school from, like, Fame. Just because I spent every second of every day, and every calorie of energy in my brain, making sure I could leave and never, ever go back there doesn't mean I didn't love it, or I don't still love it. I had such a crush on one of the guys in Explosions that I spent most of high school hightailing it away from his location like Saracen on angel dust; this show is in my blood. The reason that it's good is because it makes you feel that way, too.

Before high school I grew up in Albuquerque and Phoenix and whenever it was my choice on how to spend the weekend, I wanted downtown, the tallest buildings as possible all around me. If I go outside the city limits or into a place with less than a million people, I get hay fever. I was born for cities, and except for high school, I have lived in them. So when I say that watching this show is like jumping into a time machine with my entire family and singing songs that only we know, I mean it. This show makes me ache, because it is incredibly real, and does such a good job of explaining that secret part of my life to the people that know me. And it does a good job of explaining why these people matter, and why you can't just divide your country into the Blue coasts and the Red State everything else. These are your people. Texas people are the same people as you, and Christian people are the same people as you, and this show does such a fucking fantastic job of forcing you to see their dignity, and their intelligence and the strength of their love, without resorting to that smug Coen Brothers crap about it. Where we're different is always a fraction of where we overlap. It's not Texas pride that makes me so weird about this stuff, it's American pride. These are your people, and this show is eloquently and radically about that: It is really like this, and I know and love these people, and I loved every second. This show gives me those West Wing shivers and homesick headaches that you only get when you're trying not to cry in front of people. Hot behind your eyes: When I think of West Texas, it's not the Bubbas and gun racks. West Texas is a thousand Eric Taylors, standing under a blazing sky; it's a thousand strong men on their knees, as they take Street off the field.

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Friday Night Lights




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