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Open at the end of Lions practice. Jess buzzes around Coach like a busy little bee, asking for a recommendation to get a spot on staff during Baylor's Summer Football Camp. Coach, distracted, bobbing and weaving, tells her to just write her own recommendation and put on his desk for him to sign. Jess wonders if that's "legal" and Coach just sort of busily says yes and leaves her behind. Meanwhile, Buddy has driven up onto the field in his SUV, with assorted other vehicles following. A bunch of guys hop out and Buddy calls to Coach asking if he's got an outlet out there. Coach is confused so Buddy exposits that it's Rivalry Week again and they're not going to let the Panthers vandalize their field again. Buddy is carrying a portable fan around like he's The Jerk. Coach yells across to "Colonel," a wiry African American man, wondering what he's going to do with that shotgun he's carrying. Buddy assures Coach they won't let anything happen. Coach lowers his voice and demands that the shotgun get gone.

Coach walks into an outdoor barbecue joint to join... JASON STREET!!! Jason passes across a little snapshot of his son Noah and What's Her Name, mentioning by-the-by that it was hard to convince her to have the kid but now that they do, she can't wait to have another. Coach interrupts to ask "Wait, now, you made it legal?" and then gives the kid a sympathetic hard time about him not telling Coach about any of that first. Scott Porter is still doing a bang-up job playing this part; they way he holds his hands and continues to use his wrists to compensate for his immobile fingers caught by the camera. Coach gives him a little red hat for his son and Street jokes that the Streets look better in blue. Then Street tells Coach about his promotion-- he's now a full-fledged sports agent. Coach, who has the nicest, softest eyes in this scene, tells him that he did good. Street tells Coach that people are talking about him, he gets a phone call a day about Coach, and he needs to know if Coach would be interested in college coaching. Coach tells him that he's happy where he's at, he loves his team, he loves his school, his wife is happy, they've almost got one daughter out of the house (snerk) and the other coming up, "I've got no interest right now."

Jess and Vince walk into his apartment talking about her recommendation conundrum. They open the door and find Ornette and Regina making out. Jess teases, "Oh, suki suki!" but as Ornette runs back to the bedroom to get something her face falls and Vince tells her that his father has moved back in. They follow Ornette, and he gives Vince a bunch of presents -- hats and shirts and shoes from TMU. Jess tries to keep a neutral face, Vince thanks his father but tells him that he can't take them, Coach would be upset about it. Ornette leaves the room and Jess tells Vince that she's not so sure about Ornette moving back in. Vince tries to assure her that he's doing much better and making Regina so happy. Jess nods, and they head back out to the kitchen for pork chops.

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